Seeing Birds After Someone Dies: Amazing Meaning & Symbolism

Have you ever noticed that you seem to see a particular type of bird more frequently after a loved one passes away or after a particularly meaningful encounter with a bird? Did you ever wonder what is the meaning of seeing birds after someone dies?

The meaning of seeing birds after someone dies is connected to the spirit of a departed loved one. It is said that birds can act as messengers from the hereafter, and their appearance may be taken as a sign of the existence of the departed person’s spirit or as a message of love from them.

In this article, we will explore the concept of seeing birds after someone and discuss the possible meanings behind these encounters. From the symbolism of different bird species to the cultural and personal significance of birds, we will delve into the rich and varied history of these winged creatures.

The meaning of seeing birds after someone dies

Meaning of Seeing Birds After Someone Dies

When someone we love passes away, it can be a deeply unsettling and emotional experience. During this time, it is not uncommon for people to report seeing birds in the days and weeks following the death of a loved one.

Many people believe that these sightings are a sign from the deceased, a way for them to let their loved ones know that they are still with them in spirit.

The belief that seeing birds after someone dies is a sign of their presence is not new. In many cultures and traditions, birds are seen as spiritual beings, capable of carrying messages between the living and the dead.

In some cases, people believe that specific types of birds carry specific meanings. For example, some believe that seeing a cardinal after someone dies is a sign that the deceased is present and watching over their loved ones.

While the meaning of seeing birds after someone dies may vary from person to person, it is generally seen as a positive and uplifting experience. For many, it brings a sense of comfort and closure during a difficult time.

It is important to note that seeing birds after someone dies is a personal and subjective experience, and there is no one-size-fits-all explanation for it.

Some people may interpret seeing birds after someone dies as a sign of their loved one’s presence, while others may see them as a symbol of hope and renewal.

Ultimately, the meaning of seeing birds after someone dies is a deeply personal one, and it is up to each individual to interpret and understand it in their own way.

What bird symbolizes someone from heaven?

In many cultures and traditions, birds are seen as spiritual beings that can carry messages between the living and the deceased.

As such, seeing birds after someone dies is often associated with the presence of a loved one in heaven.

If you have experienced seeing a particular type of bird after a loved one passed away, it is natural to wonder what bird symbolizes someone from heaven.

1. Seeing a hawk

Seeing a hawk is a sign that you are being watched over by someone from heaven. This bird symbolism is related to protection and safety, as well as your connection to the divine.

You are loved and cared for, and you should take comfort in that knowledge!

The hawk is also associated with nobility and royalty, so that may be another reason why seeing one would indicate someone from heaven.

2. Seeing an owl

If you see an owl, it means that you are being visited by someone from heaven. This is a sacred bird, and its presence signifies that a message from the afterlife is reaching out to you.

The owl is associated with wisdom and knowledge, and it can help you to find peace during your time of grief. When you see an owl, it’s important to listen for the message that the bird has for you.

3. Seeing a woodpecker

Seeing a woodpecker is a sign that you are being watched over by someone from heaven. The woodpecker is a bird that taps on trees to find insects, which it then eats.

When you see this bird, it’s time to reflect on the life you’re living and be grateful for all the blessings in your life.

4. Seeing a cardinal

Cardinals are often seen as messengers from God or other spiritual beings, which can be taken as a sign that someone you love who has passed has sent you a message from beyond the grave.

If you see a cardinal, take it as an omen that someone you love is watching over you and wants to let you know they’re thinking about you.

In the Christian tradition, this bird symbolizes Christ’s presence in the world. The cardinal has been seen as a messenger of God and as a bearer of good news.

5. Seeing a bald eagle

Bald eagles have been known to symbolize someone from heaven since ancient times. In fact, one legend says that if you see a bald eagle up close, it’s actually an angel hiding its wings!

A bald eagle also symbolizes someone from heaven because it was used in Native American ceremonies to represent a messenger from the gods.

Seeing one can be a reminder that there are forces in this world greater than ourselves that are watching over us, protecting us, and guiding us toward our destiny.

6. Seeing a white dove

Some people think that seeing a white dove is more simply symbolic of receiving a message from a loved one or ancestor.

In this sense, the idea that the bird actually embodies the spirit of your deceased loved one is less common than the idea that the white dove is providing a reminder of your relationship by their synchronistic presence at that precise moment.

7. Seeing a robin

Seeing a robin is a sign that someone from heaven is thinking of you. Robins are known for their bright red breast and their cheerful chirping, which makes them easy to spot.

Robins are often seen in the spring and summer because they are migratory birds. If you see one in the winter, it could mean that someone is thinking about you during this time when it’s harder to be around people.

8. Seeing a raven

The raven is a messenger of magic and spiritual messages in Native American tradition. It is a message from people who have passed away, as well as from outer space, other universes, and the place where all began and will finish.

The dead raven itself is a communication from those other dimensions, according to their perception of the raven as a great spiritual force and connection transporter between dimensions.

9. Seeing a crow

A crow symbolizes the ability to find beauty in the mundane and transform it into something new and beautiful.

Crows are also known to be very social creatures and be able to recognize individual humans, which is why some people believe that crows come from heaven – they come down from the clouds to deliver messages from god.

10. Seeing a hummingbird

Hummingbirds teach and inform us that it’s acceptable to gaze back into our past and visit those cherished memories of deceased loved ones thanks to their ability to fly backward.

We also find out that remorse and guilt are unjustified. Hummingbirds serve out tasty nectar while hovering over flowers, teaching us to cherish each moment and show our loved ones how much they mean to us.

They serve as a reminder to look for the positive and the beauty in each day.

11. Seeing a red bird

After the loss of a loved one, individuals frequently report seeing a red bird. Many believe that these sightings provide an avenue for the deceased’s spirit to contact the living.

Some individuals think that animals, particularly birds, have a special bond with the afterlife and can act as intermediaries between the living and the dead.

Following the loss of a loved one, it is only natural for individuals to search for signs and symbols. Seeing a red bird may bring solace and a sense of connection to the deceased.

What are signs from a loved one who passed away?

What are signs from a loved one who passed away

Many people are wondering what are signs from a loved one who passed away. These signs can come in a variety of forms and can be subtle or more obvious.

Some people may experience a feeling of presence, a dream or vision, or a physical manifestation of their loved one’s presence.

Others may see specific symbols or objects that remind them of their loved one or experience synchronicities or coincidences that feel significant.

Here are some common signs that people believe are from a loved one who has passed away:

  • Dreams or visions: Some people report having dreams or visions of their loved ones after they have passed away. These dreams may feel particularly vivid or real and may contain messages or specific requests.
  • Physical sensations: Some people report feeling their loved one’s presence through physical sensations, such as a hug, a touch, or a breeze.
  • Synchronicities or coincidences: Some people experience seemingly random events or occurrences that feel meaningful. This may include seeing a favorite song or movie at a specific time or finding an object that belonged to the deceased.
  • Specific symbols or objects: Some people report seeing specific symbols or objects that remind them of their loved ones after they have passed away. This may include seeing a favorite flower or animal, a dead bird meaning, or finding a specific object that was meaningful to the deceased.
  • Seeing a particular number or pattern repeatedly: Some people report seeing a particular number or pattern repeatedly after their loved one has passed away. This may be a sign that the deceased is trying to communicate with their loved ones, or simply a comforting reminder of their presence.


These are the most common questions about seeing birds after someone dies.

What animal symbolizes the death of a loved one?

Owls, vultures, cats, bats, and crows are a few examples of animals often connected to death. Some of these animals eat carrion, while others are nocturnal. Vultures can symbolize both metamorphosis and renewal in addition to death.

Are birds spiritual messengers?

As shamanistic messengers between the Earth and the sky, birds fly. Native American cultures revered and reflected them on both contemporary ceramics and petroglyphs. They flutter across practical and beautiful artifacts.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, seeing birds after someone dies can be a powerful and meaningful experience.

While the specific meaning may vary from person to person, it is generally seen as a sign of the deceased’s presence and a source of comfort during a difficult time.

If you have experienced seeing birds after someone you love passed away, I would love to hear your story. Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts and experiences.

Your story may provide comfort and support to others who have also experienced the loss of a loved one.

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  1. Our only child/daughter suddenly passed away at 33. It’s been 18 mos. almost to the day. Just this morning, Feb 21, 2023, I saw 2 Red-tail Hawks flying together above my property & perching in treetops in my backyard. I was stunned seeing 2 of them. I wondered if it was her/our daughter but why 2? It was such an emotional moment & I’ve seen & heard one before but never 2 in flight & in my presence until now..18mos later. I’ve not seen or heard them since this morning.
    Thank you for your post.

    1. My grandmother passed away a couple years ago. She was a very important person in my life. Her daughter, my mom passed away in 2003 I was only 19 my grandmother had always been like a mother to me both my parents weren’t that great at being parents n I had to run away at 14. My grandmother would let me come to her house at night to eat n shower things like that. Anyway I’m grown now n it was my grandmother’s time to pass. She was very scared n asked me to stay at her side till she passed n I did. She wanted her daughter to take over after she passed to handle her services. The morning she passed I left hospice to get a cup of coffee n to call other family members with the news. When I returned to hospice building there was some people around the front doors but no 1 was going in they were all looking at the ground as I got closer I noticed a small light colored pigeon, she was standing in middle of the doors as if waiting for the doors to open. I watched for a moment then had the urge to walk over n pick her up. A wild bird! But I did n she let me. Everyone couldn’t believe it. As I’m walking towards my grandmother’s room the bird suddenly flew out of my hands I’d been holding her a good 5-10 mins n into the reflections room. I had this knowing that my grandmother wasn’t dead or gone just no longer confined to her body. I don’t go to church nor did I grow up with religion in my family more like a lack of it. But being homeless since 14 till 18 I learned to follow my heart or gut it led me to safety in what couldve been very dangerous situations. I believe that it is God. I also believe the birds u seen was ur daughter letting u know she is safe n not alone. She is with other loved ones n she is watching over u.

  2. My wife of 57 yrs was taken to hospital on 22.12 23.on 24.12.23 was called at 4am to come to hospital.i came back at 2pm for a wash and shace walking past sitting room window saw a bird flying around frantically, I went to window curtains were closed,it flew and landed on window sill and layed ont its side in front of me I picked it up it was warm to the touch and released it.the bird was all black head and wings with all white chest,no known bird of this colour in uk about the size of a windows or doors open. My wife died at 6pm.

  3. I was on vacation in Florida after a couple days there a large blackbird in the morning that sat on the porch landing and began squawking non stop. He sat and looked at us about five feet away. The next morning I got a message that my best friend in Ohio passed away. He came back the following morning and continued to talk non stop. I then fed him and he flew away. I made plans to leave for the funeral. I will always remember this

    1. Yesterday,March 24,2023 we had to put down our beloved 19yr old cat. It was and is heartbreaking. We got him when he was 6 wks old. After running a few errands, I was in my backyard w my dog Daisy, and I saw 2 Cardinals flying above my yard. I instantly knew Fido was there w me, and letting me know he was ok. I miss him terribly! We loved him a ton!! He will be forever in our hearts!!

  4. I live in North Carolina. On January 15th 2015 at 5am I seen a red-bellied woodpecker sitting low on a tree at a friend’s house. We left their house then came back about 30 minutes later. The woodpecker was still on the tree. So I got out of my car and started walking towards it expecting it to fly away, but it didn’t. So I turned the flash on of my phone so I could see it better because it’s very dark out still. I got close enough to the bird that I could have reached out to grab it. I was shocked I had never seen a woodpecker out up close like that. So I took a picture of it because it was just a strange encounter for me. Well I turned to walk back to my car then the woodpecker flew off into the darkness. Well later on that day I learned that my big brother was murdered. He was 32 years old. I had to go to the sheriff’s office of the town he was murdered in and speak to the captain. She told me that the 911 call came in about 530am. It wasn’t until about a week later I was going through the photos on my phone when I found the picture of the bird so I looked at the time stamp and realized it was the day he was killed and at the same time roughly… I broke down because I knew in that moment that it was my brother saying goodbye to me… also we hadn’t been on speaking terms for about 3 years and it’s something I regret everyday of my life. I carry so much guilt for not making things right with him. Ohhh also I think it’s important to mention that our last name is [Byrd] so him coming to me as a bird really makes it more meaningful for me.

  5. On the way home from a celebration of life for good friend a white bird flew across my way on my way home I felt it was my friend?

  6. My father passed away in March but we didn’t come together to scatter his ashes until May. The family went to my Dad’s favorite beach and we did as he had requesting — committing his body to the water and the sand.

    I sat down in the sand to have a cry. Two Canada geese appeared and waddled from the water to within touching distance…they then settled into the sand, tucked their heads under their wings and went to sleep.

    I know,my Dad sent the geese.

  7. My father passed away in my arms at 1:11am on July 31st, 2017. The following day I sat there asking “Dad, are you okay? Did you make it to the other side?”…In minutes a large owl began calling out to me. It was broad day light.. I opened my front door to see this beautiful bird perched on a low branch of a tree directly in front of my door. It was literally dancing, shaking its body and spreading its wings. Its feathers opened increasing its size enormously. Its wings spread completely opened in a lovely array. It finally cocked it’s head a couple times and took off soaring into the sky circling around and around…
    I was bathed in a tangible warmth and peace flowed over my entire body…I knew he was free.

  8. My father passed away in my arms at 1:11am on July 31st, 2017. The following day I sat there asking “Dad, are you okay? Did you make it to the other side?”…In minutes a large owl began calling out to me. It was broad day light.. I opened my front door to see this beautiful bird perched on a low branch of a tree directly in front of my door. It was literally dancing, shaking its body and spreading its wings. Its feathers opened increasing its size enormously. Its wings spread completely opened in a lovely array. It finally cocked it’s head a couple times and took off soaring into the sky circling around and around…
    I was bathed in a tangible warmth and peace flowed over my entire body…I knew he was free.

  9. I live in New York City. I want to share my two experiences with a butterfly and a bird.

    In the summer of 2021, the day my parents were visiting me from South Korea, my beloved dog Toto died as the age of 15. I adopted Toto, a miniature Schnauzer, when he was 9 months old in 2006 and lived my life with him until around 2018. He’d seen my two kids since they were born and my kids had grown up with him. After going through a different divorce, and raising kids alone, it was getting hard for me to take care of him well specifically when he was getting old. I did my best to keep him well, while it was an extremely difficult situation. Because my kids were young, and I couldn’t afford a dog walker, I used to take him out at 3am to give him a walk. I still remember those days. Thankfully, my parents from South Korea took Toto to their house in South Korea and took care of him very well. On that day Toto had died, was the day they were visiting New York from South Korea. We knew he was getting old enough to leave this world but didn’t expect him to die that day. My sister in Korea was taking care of him. I thought to myself, maybe, maybe Toto was flying to New York with my parents.

    My parents arrived in New York and heard from my sister that Toto died. My sister took care of his funeral – burn his body in a dog funeral place in South Korea. She kept Toto’s ash until my parents went back to Korea and spread them over his favorite park.

    While my parents were in New York, we got into subway, as usual to go somewhere. Then there was a white butterfly in the very subway car we got on, in Manhattan, in July, where the white butterfly was from? It was such a strange scene, I lived in New York City since 2006, but never had seen a butterfly in a subway car. My parents thought it was strange but didn’t think much of it but I thought it might be Toto’s spirit, because the butterfly was landing on other people’s nose so they had to shoo it away, exactly how Toto was like when he was alive – he always went onto other people because of his overly friendly nature.

  10. My dog of 13 years passed away a week ago. He was my constant companion and devoted to me, a grey shnautzer with a white face, white neck and jet black eyes. For the first time ever, as I parked my car in a familiar spot yesterday, a grey bird with a white face and white breast and black eyes landed on my rear view mirror, flapped his wings, and then stayed for less than a minute, looking at me and flew away. Long enough for me to take a few pictures. The next day, the exact same thing, same grey bird. I have been parking there for 30 years and never has a bird landed on my car. So I felt it was my dog, telling me he had crossed over to somewhere but was still with me in spirit. I’d like to think he was also telling me he will be there waiting for me…… when it’s my turn.

  11. I have a couple of bird stories. The first was several years ago when my father in law passed. The night of the visitation a Carolina Wren was in our garage. We opened the garage door and let it out. I had a strange feeling about it. The next day the wren was back in our garage when we set out for the funeral. The next time I saw a Carolina wren was a couple months later on our screened in back porch around Christmas, staring at me through the window. I let it out. Then another time weeks later it came on back porch . I turned and took a few steps to grab my camera.. less than a minute..but it was gone when I went out on the porch. The last time one came into our porch was the day we dedicated a Bible to my father in law years later. Also My sister passed a year ago. A few days before she passed, my husband found a beautiful dead Cardinal on our front porch. I was saddened as that’s my favorite bird and my sister was in the hospital and we were not certain if the cancer returned.. she passed quickly. At the gravesite a Mockingbird perched on a nearby headstone right in front of me…and it is the Mockingbird that crosses my path every day since then. So I know of what I believe are signs sent from God’s angels and I have experienced many.

  12. I love in Spain, Catalunya. My first sighting of a bird of Prey was when we were driving out to view a place of service for my late father. I felt it was a sign then the place was right. Then on my birthday driving to work nearly one year after his passing a bird of prey rose with in meters to the side of my car…I instantly thought it´s my birthday present to know you are thinking of me. Since then, I have had various encounters of seeing a bird of prey always on my way to work. Finally, today was my last sighting when I was thinking of people who have passed away then suddenly a bird of prey started to actually show off…showing me its wings letting me look at it then flew off. I associate these sightings now that my angeles or loved ones are close by.

  13. In the spring of 2018 we had a Sandhill Crane visit my parents house daily, sometimes multiple times in a day to hang out with my parents on their lanai. They had a big beautiful lake behind their house and the crane would go back and forth from the lanai to the lake. I would see the crane when I visited on the weekends and she was so friendly, she almost seemed tame. The Sandhill Crane left after a few months.

    A year later, in the spring of 2019, the same Sandhill Crane returned – this time with her little baby crane and her “husband” crane and they again visited my parents quite often when they were out in their lanai and would hang out for a couple hours each day. I would again see the crane and her family when I visited on the weekends. After a few months they left again. They returned once again, a year later in spring 2020, with another baby crane – again visiting my parents (and me) often. After a few months, they left again, only they didn’t return the following spring, or the spring after that. My mom and I spoke of the Sandhill Crane often and wondered if she would ever return.

    My mom passed away in the spring of 2023 (March), and then my dad passed away a month later in April – I was with him at home as he passed under the care of Hospice. At the very moment when my dad passed, I heard a very loud squawking sound outside. I looked out the sliding glass doors that leads to the lanai, and I saw our Sandhill Crane – whom we haven’t seen in 3 years. She was right outside our lanai, so close that I could pet her, looking into our house through the glass doors and screaming to get our attention (my brother and his wife were there too). When I went outside to see her, she walked towards me and I felt my mom’s presence. I knew at that very moment that my mom had sent the crane to comfort me and to let me know she was there to get my dad, and that they were ok and back together again – they had been married for 53 wonderful years – and now will spend eternity together.

    I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life and I take great comfort knowing that my parents spirit and soul lives on and that we will be together again in God’s house. Thank you God, and mom, for sending our crane as a sign of your love for us.

  14. My wife died in February 2023 after 30 years of marriage and 5 children .when she died I asked all kids of questions like why her .? Why not me? So I had a dream on night I didn’t see her but I asked her all sorts of questions for closure . I kept asking in march . And I asked in April . The beginning of April I’m asking the questions in my head and hear all the same answers so I ask her for a sign as I went walking in the house I open the door and go in and a bird flew from inside my house right by me and right outside. Next week I ask again , that morning I go to the gym walk inside and a bird flew at me from inside the gym I opened the door and out he flew . Ok so if that’s not enough I ask again next week in the morning , we’ll that night I went down stairs to see what was making noise in the kitchen I’m the only one in the house and there is a bird banging against my kitchen window trying to get out of the house so I open the kitchen door walk toward the bird and out he flew . My daughter said you are well aware that has to be mommy . So am I crazy seeing this or am I truly lucky to have such a wonderful wife to reach out to me . Sincerely Al from Virginia

    1. I am deeply sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved wife. Please know that my heart goes out to you during this difficult time. However, I do believe that this message could be a sign from your wife, letting you know that she is still with you in spirit and watching over you. Please take comfort in the thought that she will always be with you in some way.

  15. My best friend passed last week. I am devastated and still grieving. My absolute favourite bird in New Zealand is our native fantail. I adore them. I have been talking to my friend and asking for a sign. Today on was on the phone and caught something out of the corner of my eye. A fantail fluttered by and then perched on the lampshade. I got up and we looked at each other for a few moments and then it flew straight our the door. I know it was my best friend.

  16. My brother in law passed away April 17, 2023. This has been a very difficult time for us as my husband s family has always been very close and united. This past week as I sat in my car one day during my lunch , I noticed a bird almost went through the open passenger door window. When I noticed, I closed the window. A few minutes later the same bird returned and stood on side mirror and then flew away. A few minutes after that the bird returned to side mirror while it flew back and forth from mirror to door , as it knocked on glass with its beak continuously for about a minute or two and then it flew away. This made me wonder if it was my brother in law trying to give me a message.

  17. I’m from Poland. My cat Tosia was my best friend. I took her when she was 2 months old. I treated her like my child. She was killed by a car on Thursday night. Since Friday I noticed that blackbird/or blackbirds are extremely noisy. I also noticed them behind the window of my room. I was ignoring it. Finally yesterday I decided to check on this blackbird because i thought he/she was hurt. It was female blackbird who came to me and was sitting for a minute and looking into my eyes. I thought she was hurt i tried to touch her but she walked/flew away to the direction of my cats favourite place. Since that time it’s silent and this bird is gone. I’m sure it was Tosia trying to say goodbye.

    Tammy Henigan

    My Mom passed away 4/25/23. Before she passed. I begged her to come to me and let me know she’s with me and I have a video of a red bird on my Porch and the next day the bird was standing on the porch at the front door and it looked as if it wanted in. I wish I could post the video and picture. My mom loved red birds.

  19. My father passed away early this morning. After hours of sitting downstairs with my mom and uncle and his wife trying to make funeral arrangements, I finally went up to my room to lay down as his body was being transported out of the house. A couple minutes later a bird flew in through window which wasn’t even half open. I normally have this window wide open with no issues, and right as they are transporting his body out a bird flies in. It freaked me out and I screamed until my sister caught it and left my room with it, but I’m sure it was my dad. I hope he comes back so I can have another chance to talk to him more calmly next time 💚

  20. My cousin who I was very close to passed away recently. On the day of his funeral I saw a kookaburra sitting on wires outside my house. while I was watching his funeral service, some kookaburras flew into our tree and started laughing. I took this as a sign he had come to say goodbye.

  21. I believe my mom passed a week before her body did. My mom took turn for worse and went back to hospital where they gave her wrong meds and she became in state of constant seizures and never was conscious again. I was on a trip to Egypt with my son when this happened and we had just returned from watching sunrise at top of Mount Sinai. When we got back to air Bnb a bird was inside our place flying around. I knew it was related to my mom. I spoke to my daughter back home and my mom was still alive yet when I returned to hospital she was still alive but I knew she wasn’t there we let her die but I feel she passed before her body did. When I shifted her once on bed her eyes opened and it wasn’t her it was scary she was not in there. I feel she really left her body early and that was when bird came.

  22. My husband of 14 years passed away 2 months & 4 days ago. Due to a combination of circumstances I recently moved back in with my mom, into the home I originally grew up in. I often sit on her large patio out front. There is an 8′ fence that divides her yard from the neighbors yard. There has been a sparrow that constantly sits on the fence no matter what time of day it is. Out of the blue 3 days ago I just up and decided to get a tattoo. I never had one before and I never thought about getting one, but for whatever reason I found myself at a tattoo shop. Not knowing what I wanted, where I wanted it placed or what size, the kind tattoo artist asked me a series of questions. He tattooed, in black ink only, a two inch tattoo on my shoulder, with the word “Integrity” along with my husbands initials. Since the moment he finished I’ve been completely at peace and often smile for no reason at all when I’m alone. My understanding is that birds are a sign from heaven signifying hope & peace. As of today there has been no sign of that little sparrow and that’s okay. I guess his job with me is done and he’s moving on 🙂

  23. My sister passed away last week. We were very close and she promised that she would watch over me after her death. Several days later, I was playing tennis and a bald eagle circled over the tennis court! I have never seen an eagle in this area and everyone present said it was their first time ever seeing a bald eagle that wasn’t in captivity. My sister found great joy in nature and wildlife and especially osprey, owls, and eagles. I feel so blessed to have witnessed this sign from the afterlife.

  24. My son passed away last June from cancer.He lived with me and I miss him a lot. Before he passed, I asked him to give me a sign that he was ok and as he loved our backyard birds , I watched for something from them. Finally, yesterday, on Thanksgiving, I saw a big hawk perched on the fence 15 feet away. He looked around and sat for a long time as if wanting to make sure I saw him then flew away. I’m sure it was him giving me his sign. We live in the suburbs and this was the first time I had ever seen a hawk. I feel comforted that my son is ok.

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