Bird symbolism & Meaning: 26 Symbolic Meanings Explained

Birds are magnificent creatures. They are enriching our lives and making the world a better place. But that’s not their only purpose. Birds are also carriers of important messages. Since the dawn of time, bird symbolism has been present in humanity and it’s present even today. What do birds symbolize?

Birds are symbols of freedom and infinite possibilities. The expression “Free like a bird” gives the best explanation for the bird symbolism. Birds are also messengers of the divine world. They’re the way our guardian angels are communicating with us. They remind us of the beauty of life and the eternity of the universe.

This article will help you to get a better understanding of bird symbolism and give you some interesting facts about birds and how they affect your life. I’ll explain to you the connection between birds and guardian angels and show you how to read their messages.

Bird symbolism – what do birds symbolize?

Bird symbolism and meaning

Bird symbolism is as old as humanity. Since the dawn of time, people have been fascinated by birds and seeking answers about what birds symbolize.

There’s no unique answer to that question, it varies for different cultures and different bird species.

One of the most common bird symbolism is immortality and freedom.

Birds’ ability to fly gives them the freedom to fly high in the sky and go to places unreachable to humanity.

Birds are also a sign of communication between divine forces and us. It’s the way our Ascended Masters communicate with us.

They are sending birds to remind us of their presence and love. As long as we see the birds, we’re not alone in this world.

Another, less popular meaning of bird symbolism is death.

Some cultures believe that some species of birds, especially birds with black feathers are harbingers of death.

It’s especially true for ravens, blackbirds, and crows.

But you don’t need to worry. Generally, seeing a bird is a good omen. Birds are a symbol of life and will bring you nothing but good news.

Seeing a bird is a sign that you’re under the influence of higher forces and God’s mercy.

Birds also remind you to be free. Seeing a bird on your porch or a window is a sign that you need to get rid of fears and heavy thoughts and enjoy life.

What do different birds symbolize?

Different birds have different symbolism and it varies from different folktales around the world.

I’ll present to you some of them and give you the answers about what different birds symbolize.

  • Sparrow – Symbolizes creativity and productivity. Though it’s one of the smallest birds, due to its hard work it manages to survive and thrive.
  • Eagle – Eagle is a symbol of courage and power. It’s on the top of the food chain and almost doesn’t have natural enemies.
  • Swan – Symbolizes love and purity. Swans are gentle giants, known for loyalty to their partners. They’re finding one partner for life.
  • Dove – Symbolizes peace and prosperity. It’s especially true for white dove. White pigeons are a mandatory part of many peace-celebrating ceremonies.
  • Red-tailed hawks are symbols of the glory of a beautiful day. They are also symbols of grace and focus.
  • Hawk symbolizes independence, spiritual awareness, intelligence, and adaptability. They are considered to be god’s messengers.

What do two birds symbolize?

There’s more than one answer to the question: what do two birds symbolize?

Two birds are a symbol of love, harmony, and friendship. Birds are extremely faithful creatures.

Once they find a partner, they stay with him until death separates them.

After they lose their partner, they are grieving and don’t seek another partner. 

What do three birds symbolize?

Do you know what three birds symbolize? Seeing three birds is a sign of hope and prosperity.

Three birds are telling you that you are worrying too much and you’re carrying a heavy burden from the past.

You need to get rid of heavy thoughts. Three birds give you hope and assurance that better days are ahead of you.

What do blackbirds symbolize?

Black bird symbolism

Blackbirds are magnificent creatures. Some nations believe that blackbirds are messengers of dark spirits. Black feathers from blackbirds’ wings are often observed as harbingers of death and evil days.

In the Middle age, full of mysticism and witchcraft, there was a widespread belief that witches are using blackbirds’ feathers to cast spells and magic.

That’s why blackbirds were unfairly hunted and killed. Another, more popular belief related to blackbirds is that they symbolize bravery.

Though they’re smaller than many other birds and predators, blackbirds are extremely brave creatures. They aggressively defend their nest from any intruder. 

Another symbolism of blackbirds is loyalty. They’re very loyal to their partners.

A blackbird usually finds a partner to nest with and it stays with him till the end of its life. If a partner dies, the blackbird stays alone forever.

What does it mean when you see a white bird?

If you see a white bird, you may expect good news in the following days.

The answer to the question of what it means when you see a white bird is that it’s a sign from divine forces that you’re on the right track.

You’ve chosen the right path and you need to keep it that way. You’ve earned angels’ protection and don’t change your course.

What does a yellow bird symbolize?

If you’re wondering what a yellow bird symbolizes the answer is it’s a symbol of joy and happiness period.

Usually, yellow birds are canary or any other parrot species, but the meaning is the same. 

If a yellow bird is a finch it symbolizes peace on the horizon and prosperity. Finch is often a symbol of new fortunate events coming to your life.

It could be the start of a new relationship or a new business opportunity. 

Yellow birds are usually symbolizing hope and prosperity. For example, if you’re dreaming of yellow birds it’s a sign of new love coming into your life. 

Some people even believe that yellow birds are symbolizing freedom so if we see a yellow bird on our porch it could be a wake-up call to start enjoying our life.

This way, our guardian angels want to tell us that we are worrying too much and we need to get rid of that heavy load. 

Yellow birds are related to logical liberation and they represent our spiritual need to be more creative and to enjoy life.

Usually, yellow birds appear in our life after a long period of suffering.

They’re announcing that I have a period behind you and you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What do birds symbolize in the bible?

There is more than one answer to the question: what do birds symbolize in the Bible? The answer depends on which type of bird we are talking about.

Some birds represent us, others are symbols of death, and others represent prosperity and hope.

1. Dove

The white dove is without a doubt the most important bird in Christianity. It’s a symbol of the Holy Spirit and represents our connection with the eternal world.

A white Dove is mentioned in the Bible more than 300 times and plays an important role in that holy book. 

2. Red Robin

There is a legend that the red robin got its color while he was trying to protect Christ from the fire. This tiny bird is a symbol of eternal love and protection.

It reminds us that we are protected by higher forces and we’re not alone in this world.

3. Raven

While those are symbols of hope, ravens are usually observed as bad omens. The Bible sees ravens as heralds of death.

It is also a symbol of duality and a reminder of the existence of evil forces in this world.

4. Eagle

Eagle was mentioned in the Bible multiple times. It’s a symbol of strength and bravery. An eagle is also a symbol of rebirth and celebration of life.

5. Sparrow

A sparrow in The Bible symbolizes new hope and new opportunity. Sparrows are also observed in the Bible as human beings. They are reminders of how tiny we are in this world.

What does it mean when a bird crosses your path?

If you see a bird on your porch and you’re wondering what it means when a bird crosses your path the answer depends on the type of bird.

Birds are always carrying some message for us and those messages shouldn’t be ignored.

In most cases, birds are representing good omens. If they land on your porch or your window they’re likely heralds from divine forces. 

An owl is a symbol of wisdom. So if it lands in your backyard it could be a sign of your mental growth.

Owl is a night hunter with extremely good eyesight so it could also indicate that you’re exposed to some secret activities.

Maybe someone in your enclosure works against you.

A sparrow on your window or a tree in your backyard is a herald of good news. It could be a sign that a new business opportunity is ahead of you.

It could also indicate that you will experience a sudden change in your love life.

It doesn’t happen often, but if an eagle crosses your path, it could be a sign that you’re under the influence of divine forces.

Eagle is a symbol of power and soul healing. Seeing it in your enclosure helps your soul to overcome recent unfortunate events.

If a blue jay lands on your porch, it’s a sign that you need to stand up and fight for yourself. A blue jay is a symbol of communication.

It indicates that you need to have a stronger attitude and be more confident.

What does a flock of birds symbolize?

Probably you were wondering what does a flock of birds symbolize? Seeing a flock of birds is a good omen.

It’s an especially good omen if you see a flock of birds around your home or workplace.

A flock of birds is a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and wealth. If you see it, you may expect fantastic news soon.

What do bird feathers symbolize?

Bird feather symbolism

I’m sure you’re finding bird feathers and then wondering: what do bird feathers symbolize?

The answer is that bird feathers are a symbol of upcoming changes in your life.

Bird feathers are ultra-light and the wind easily carries them through the air. If the one lands on you, it indicates that the time for change has come.

You need to think about your position and your goals and start changing your life.

Native Americans had a different bird feathers symbolism. They used them to scare evil spirits away.

They put feathers in their hair before going into the fight. It was a widespread belief that bird feathers would protect them from the enemy’s arrows and spears.

What does a bird’s nest symbolize?

If you don’t know what a bird’s nest symbolizes, the answer is simple: a family. 

If you ever observed how birds build their nest, then you know what creative marvel I’m talking about.

It takes hours and hours of dedicated work to build it. Thus it’s a symbol of strength and harmonized family relations.

Which bird represents death?

If you’re wondering which bird represents death, there are a few answers to that question. Generally, in different cultures, many birds are connected with dark forces, but these three birds are the most common:

1. CrowCrows are often treated as bad omens. A long time ago there was a widespread belief that if a crow landed on your house it would bring death to your family.

2. Raven – Due to their black feathers, ravens were often connected with death and suffering.

3. BlackbirdBlackbirds were often observed as harbingers of evil days. Fortunately, modern science refuted these statements.

Which bird represents freedom?

There is more than one answer to the question of which bird represents freedom.

Generally, every bird symbolizes freedom. Their ability to fly gives them the ability to reach places unreachable to us.

I will enlist you just some of the birds which are the ultimate symbol of freedom.

1. Eagle

An eagle is the ultimate symbol of freedom. A high-flyer, it cruises high in the sky. It’s on the top of the food chain and it almost doesn’t have natural enemies. It nests high in the trees, usually in remote mountains.

Native Americans had the deepest respect for eagles, especially for the bald eagle. They worshiped this magnificent bird and treated it with respect and admiration. 

2. Falcon 

Similar to an eagle, a falcon is also a symbol of freedom. Though it’s smaller than an eagle, the falcon is the fastest bird in the world. It can fly faster than 300 km/h and there is not a single prey that can escape its claws.

3. Canary

The Canary is also a bird that represents freedom. It’s observed as a happy bird and its colorful feathers are a symbol of joy and happiness. 

Which bird symbolizes peace?

If you’re wondering which bird symbolizes peace, the answer is simple: it’s a dove. Doves are a universal symbol of peace, especially a white dove.

Old Egyptians respected doves and let them fly during many ceremonies and celebrations.

Ancient Greeks believed that white doves are heralds of better forthcoming days.

It was a widespread belief that if a white dove landed on someone’s house, that person would live in peace and romance.

Old Greeks believed that white doves are messengers from gods. Generally, a white dove was often associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Greeks believed if they see a dove, they are receiving important messages from Aphrodite and the dove will bring them prosperity and abundance.

Even today, white doves are being used in many opening and closing ceremonies, such as Olympic games, sports events, or national holidays.

Pure, clean, and white, they are symbols of pure soul and peace.

Which bird represents life?

The answer to the question of which bird represents life is that it’s a phoenix. Phoenix is a mythological bird with a life cycle of 500 years.

Once its life is near to end, this mythological bird nests and then self-combusts.

After there’s nothing left but ashes, the phoenix miraculously rises and starts a new life.

Which bird represents life after death?

If you’re wondering which bird represents life after death, the answer is the red cardinal. A red cardinal is a symbol of hope and a new beginning.

The red cardinal is also a signal from divine forces that they took you under their wing and they’re watching over you.

Native American tribes had the belief that the red cardinal is a symbol of reincarnation and a new life.

They believed that, due to its colorful red and orange feathers, the red cardinal was touched by the flame and it was a symbol of eternal life. 

Which bird represents an angel?

There’s no simple answer to the question of which bird represents an angel. Generally, every bird symbolizes an angel.

Bird’s wings indicate that it’s a divine creature sent directly from heaven to deliver us an important message.

A white dove, due to its white feathers and purity, is often connected with angels.

In Ancient Rome people believed that white doves are angels and heralds of their gods.

A swan is also a symbol of angels. Swans are pure, gentle giants and there is a belief that angels are watching over us through the swan’s eyes. 

Which bird symbolizes hope?

Thinking about the future and your goals can make you wonder which bird symbolizes hope. The bird you’re looking for is a dove.

In the Bible down appeared as a symbol of the Holy Spirit and hope. These days, doves are commonly known as a symbol of peace.

Besides doves, sparrows are also seen as a symbol of hope. 

Which bird represents strength?

In case you don’t know which bird represents strength, here’s the answer: An eagle is a symbol of strength, especially the bald eagle.

And it’s not a coincidence. It’s one of the most powerful animals in the entire animal kingdom.

An amazing hunter, famous for their bravery and perfect eyesight, it was the symbol of strength even in ancient times.

Which bird is a symbol of good luck?

There’s more than one bird that answers the question: which bird is a symbol of good luck? Generally, almost all birds are symbols of good luck, but I’ll enlist some of them:

  • Stork – There’s a popular belief if a stork nests on a tree in your backyard, it will bring you wealth and abundance. Also, the stork is a symbol of fertility, so if it nests near your house, you may expect a new baby in your family.
  • Peacock – Peacock is one of the most fascinating marvels of nature. Male peacocks are famous for their colorful feathers and many people believe it brings fortune to your life.
  • Swallow – Swallows are tiny, gentle, monogamous birds. They are moving to the south during winter and their return to colder regions symbolizes warmer and better days ahead of us.
  • Woodpecker – One of the most unusual animals in the world, famous for its strong beak, the woodpecker is a herald of fortunate events. If it lands on a tree in your backyard, you may expect good news soon.
  • Hummingbird – The smallest bird in the world, a hummingbird is the ultimate symbol of happiness and joy. 

Which bird symbolizes family?

A white dove is a good omen. It’s generally connected to fortunate and positive news.

So the white dove is also the answer to the question of which bird symbolizes family.

If a dove lands on your house, your family will likely experience positive events soon.

Which birds symbolize love?

Similar to the family, doves are also the answer to the question of which birds symbolize love. Doves are famous for their loyalty to their partners.

They’re choosing one partner to stay with them until the end of life. If you start seeing doves, you may expect positive news regarding your love life.

Which bird symbolizes protection?

Birds that symbolize protection are quails and woodpeckers. Quails are known as courageous animals. Though they’re tiny, they’re brave fighters and they’re defending their nest and youngsters at all costs.

A woodpecker is also a symbol of protection. Compared to its size, it has the most powerful beak in the whole bird kingdom.

They’re aggressive protectors of their nests. Generally, if they nest on a tree, they’re protecting the tree from any predator or intruder.

They can easily fight away larger birds or even snakes.

Which bird symbolizes war?

There’s one bird that is an ultimate symbol and answers the question: which bird symbolizes war – it’s an eagle. 

Eagle is an ultimate symbol of power and war. A vicious predator, it was a symbol of war since the dawn of time. And it still is.

Rulers of Ancient Babylon admired the eagles. They painted eagles on their army shields and believed that it gave strength and protection to their warriors.

Old Romans worshipped eagles. They printed them on coins, houses, and war shields.

They believed that eagles are giving courage and strength to their soldiers and protected them from death and evil forces.

Even today, the eagle is a symbol of power. US Air Forces have a bald eagle on their coat of arms.

There’s a widespread belief that bald eagles symbolize their fighter jets.

Which bird symbolizes friendship?

Friendships are one of the most important relationships in someone’s life. That’s because friendship and loyalty are the most valued virtues that one can have.

The answer to the question of which bird symbolizes friendship is simple, it’s an Oriole. 

This beautiful bird has been seen as a symbol of friendship since ancient times. Many famous paintings are showing orioles.

When Oriole is alone in the painting it carries the meaning of friendship. In case when oriole lands on your porch, it’s a sign that, after a long time, you will see an old friend.


Birds are shaping our world and it’s impossible not to love them. I presented birds to you and explained to you bird symbolism from different angles and points of view.

I hope you liked it and found the answers you were looking for. If you still have unanswered questions and doubts about bird symbolism, please, don’t hesitate to ask. Leave a comment and I’ll gladly respond.

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