Joyce's COVID-19
"Healing Arkansas" Plan

A comprehensive plan for the $1.25 billion granted to Arkansas from Congress. Investing in Arkansas's long-term recovery will help us emerge from this crisis stronger than we were before.
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Like it says in our nation's founding documents, we have a right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Why should the government do the things it does, and when should it get out of the way of the people? American democracy is at its best when the two parties engage in rigorous, good-faith debate about the answer to this question.

Here's my answer: To help “form a more perfect Union” and to remove barriers to our pursuit of happiness.


Electing a representative is more than electing a list of policies. Of course, policy is important, but I have a lifetime of experiences that have shaped my beliefs. You deserve to know about those too.

I'd like to believe character counts in elections as well. Character is developed through a lifetime of ups and downs, and I'd like to share some of mine with you here.

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