What Does It Mean When You See A Crow?

Signs from the divine forces are all around us, we just need to learn how to read them. Angels urge us to send important messages all the time, especially when we’re feeling alone and vulnerable. Very often their channel of communication is by sending spiritual animals. If you recently saw one you may wonder what does it mean when you see a crow?

Traditionally crows are symbols of change and transformation. These special creatures with their unpleasant appearance make some people uncomfortable. One thing that is often overseen when it comes to crows is they have powerful and sharp foresight. They often appear in front of people as a sign of the possibility to transform bad foresight into a good thing.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll find answers to the question ‘what does it mean when you see a crow’. We covered the most common situations related to this unusual bird and its spiritual meaning and influence on a person’s life. 

What does it mean when you see a crow?

What does it mean when you see a crow

Though seeing a black bird for some people can be a traumatic experience, seeing a crow is actually a good omen.

In case you’re wondering what does it mean when you see a crow, the answer is that a crow is a symbol of transformation and mental growth.

Due to their black feathers, crows were often related to evil forces and, therefore, unjustly satanized.

That misjudgment was especially notable in the Middle Age when crows were hunted and killed.

There was a belief that a crow symbolizes death and if it landed on someone’s house, that person would face death.

Luckily, the Middle Age dark days are far behind us and we finally can give crows the respect they deserve.

Many people don’t know, but crows are one of the smartest animals in the whole animal kingdom.

They’re a subject of observation by scientists worldwide. Observing them, scientists have discovered that crows are even capable of using tools to get food.

They also can express emotions and empathy towards the flock members or even humans.

Crows are often seen as heralds from heaven, bringing you positive news from the spiritual world.

Smart and cunning as they are, they’re representing a process of your mental growth and transformation.

By sending you a crow, your guardian angels are telling you that you are wise enough to make reasonable moves and you’re on the right track.

They want you to keep it that way and don’t change the course.

Seeing lots of crows

The question after seeing a lot of crows is: “What does it mean?“, for many of us.

The answer is simple, for the one that saw a lot of crows is an announcement of huge transformations.

Most likely emotional or spiritual change is on its way. Seeing crows is giving you some time to adapt to new things.

Number of crows meaning

Seeing a crow symbolizes your connection with higher forces and these messages shouldn’t be ignored.

But different numbers of crows could have different meanings. Below you can find the number of crows meaning.

1 crow?

In case you don’t know what does it mean when you see 1 crow, it could be a messenger and voice from a deceased beloved person, who passed away recently.

It sends you messages of condolence, telling you that you’re not alone and the spirit of the deceased one is still with you.

2 crows

If you see two crows, then the answer to the question “What is the meaning of two crows?” is that you’ll hear positive news soon.

It could be a new business opportunity or a new love adventure.

3 crows

Seeing three crows indicates that you may have a wedding in your family soon. You have an upcoming party and you can expect a lot of fun.

4 crows

Number 4 is a symbol of wealth so if you see 4 crows, you may experience a large financial gain. It could be a lottery win or a heritage from a relative.

5 crows

Seeing 5 crows may indicate that you’ll get infected by some disease and experience pain caused by it.

6 crows

If you see 6 crows, it’s a warning sign! It could be a burglar in your house or your car will be stolen.

7 crows

Seeing 7 crows tells you that you need to get ready for a trip and have a lot of fun.

8 crows

Seeing 8 crows is a bad omen. It could indicate that you may experience a sorrowful event soon.

What does it mean when crows gather around your house?

If you wake up in your bed and you suddenly see a flock of crows around your house, you may get scared.

It’s definitely an unusual sign and you need to pay attention to it.

But, luckily for you, you don’t have to be worried. A flock of crows around your house is a good omen.

If you want to know what does it mean when crows gather around your house, it could symbolize wealth and abundance.

Just like crows have gathered around your house because they smelled food and feast, you can expect some good news soon.

Seeing crows around your house indicates that you went through the process of mental transformation and now it’s the perfect moment to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

You’ve been struggling for a while, but it’s about to change. Fortune knocks at your door and you need to be ready for it.

A sudden change may come in the shape of a new job. A new business opportunity may come sooner than expected.

It could be a new company or a promotion in your current company. Whatever it is, you will be satisfied.

Crows flying overhead meaning 

As every situation we’re assuming has a spiritual connotation, crows flying overhead meaning is also a situation worth considering.

Mainly, this specific situation is seen as help sent to you to be able to see your life events from a higher perspective. 

Crows flying overhead usually signify a challenging period in your life and present your struggle to find a solution.

They are also telling you that the solution lies in yourself. Try to meditate and while doing it listen to your inner voice. 

When crows are flying over someone’s head and they touch or hit a person’s head that is a bad omen.

There is the belief that anticipation of bad happening can be aborted if a person gets ahead bath as soon as possible.

What does it mean when a crow crosses your path?

I’m sure you’ve at least once asked yourself: what does it mean when a crow crosses your path, but you didn’t have the answer?

If a crow crosses your path, it carries an important message from heaven and you shouldn’t ignore this message. 

A crow crossing your path brings you the energy necessary to transform your life.

Your guardian angels have recognized your efforts and they’re sending their blessing and protection.

They want to tell you that you’re on the right path and you need to keep it that way. 

A crow crossing your path symbolizes a higher perspective. It opens your eyes and helps you to see your life from a higher perspective.

You’re in the process of cognition and mental transformation which will help you to get your life straight and move forward.

You’re chosen and you need to use that blessing.

What does it mean when crows gather and caw?

What does it mean when crows gather and caw

If you started seeing flocks of crows, it couldn’t be a coincidence.

If you want to know what it means when crows gather and caw, you need to become aware of your position in this world.

You need to have defined your goals and define what could jeopardize them.

If a flock of crows gathers around you and caw, it’s a warning sign and you need to pay more attention to the people in your enclosure.

It could indicate that you’re being surrounded by insincere people, who want to harm your feelings. 

A cawing flock of crows could also symbolize upcoming danger triggered by some misfortunate events.

You need to think carefully about your goals and your steps toward them.

Use your mind and don’t make rash decisions.

When moving forward, always try to see the bigger picture and how one deed affects another.

Meaning of seeing a crow after someone dies

Traditionally, crows are seen as a symbol of death. One possible reason for that is because black color of their feathers.

Another reason is related to the ancient practices of not burial the body as it’s known today.

Earlier it wasn’t an exception to leave the body of a dead person outdoors and unburied.

Having in mind that crows are vultures they have been often seen feasting upon human corpses.

Today, crows are seen as heralds from the other side. If you experienced a loss of a beloved person, you know how hard it could be to get over it.

Your guardian angels are aware of it, so they’re sending you a crow, to remind you that the soul of a deceased person is still with you.

What does it mean when a crow caws at you?

If you ever had a close encounter with a crow, then you’ve probably wondered what it means when a crow caws at you.

It could have several meanings, but one of the most popular is that a cawing crow symbolizes danger.

When a crow caws at you, it wants to warn you of hidden dangers in your enclosure.

It’s likely someone in your enclosure works against you and you need to keep your eyes open.

You need to reevaluate the people in your enclosure. Try to distinguish real, loyal friends from false ones.

It may seem to you that everyone in your enclosure is loyal to you but that’s just not true.

Some people are pretending to be your friends, just to take advantage of you.

Try to identify them and get rid of them from your life.

What does a crow symbolize in the Bible?

In case a crow symbolizes in the Bible the answer is that crows are seen as spirits from heaven, able to transfer important messages.

They were the first animals from Noah’s ark that landed on land after the Great Flood.

Also, crows are explained in the Bible as animals who bury their dead flock members.

It affected Christianity and therefore, deceased Christians are buried in the ground.

Crows and ravens are some of the most common animals in the Bible.

They played an important role and influenced the Christians multiple times.

What does it mean when you see a murder of crows?

Have you ever heard about the “murder of crows”? It sounds scary and could intimidate people, but, actually, it’s just another word for the flock.

So do you know what it means when you see a murder of crows?

I’m pretty sure you saw a group of crows at least once in your life. The expression ‘murder of crows’ is based on old superstitions and folklore tales.

One of those tales is telling that a group of crows is deciding about the capital fate of another crow. 

The murder of crows is usually just like a flock of ravens since they are scavengers too, associated with dead bodies and cemeteries.

As that they are seen as a bad omen and announcement of death. 

Dead crow spiritual meaning

Seeing a dead animal is never a pleasant experience, it makes us uncomfortable and evokes some bad memories.

Dead crow’s spiritual meaning is related to the belief that there is no final end and that death is just the door to the next stage.

Many people believe that life is an energy and that it never goes away. 

The dead crow’s spiritual meaning relates to our connection with the divine.

In a way, it’s talking about our need to balance nature and the supernatural.

Seeing this bird dead can also be a sign sent to you to help you get the big picture and a better perspective on the situation you’re currently struggling with. 

What does it mean when you see a crow in your dream?

Dreaming of this extremely smart bird can make you think about what it means when you see a crow in your dream.

Even though many people feel uncomfortable after seeing a crow in a dream or reality, you should know there is no place for panic. 

Angels guardians send us crow in a dream as help on our way to long-term changes and transformation.

Maybe we’re not aware but our subconsciousness is filled with thoughts and feelings that are preventing us from growing.

Crows as animals known for their intelligence and wisdom are signs you see to become aware of things that only you can change, no one else.

Like all birds, because of their abilities, crows are also linked with elements of air. They are associated with spiritual energy.

Besides positive and light symbols hidden behind these birds, we should be aware of their dark and mysterious energy which is also necessary for the process of spiritual awakening. 

The dead crow’s meaning might also deal with changes in spirituality.

It could easily be that an area of your spiritual journey may be transformed or coming to the end.

The good thing is that another beginning is on the horizon. 

Crow cawing superstition

No bird is so much followed by superstitions as the crow is.

In old folktales, crows were observed as harbingers of death and there was a widespread belief that a person on whose house crow lands, will die soon, or face a loss of family members.

Therefore, crows were hunted and killed.

Also, during the Middle Age, people believed that crows are manifestations of witches and witches.

People believed that sorcerers are transforming themselves into crows to spy on enemies and transport themselves from one place to another.

The Middle Age was a period of civilization full of dark moments, covered with magic and dark folktales.

Sorcerers from that time used crow’s feathers to cast different spells and used them in black magic. That’s why crows weren’t very popular.

Today, after the development of modern science and technology, it’s obvious that superstitions from the Middle Age weren’t true and everything was the product of imagination.

With cognition, the superstition related to crows has changed and crows have become symbols of wisdom and a strong mindset.

Today, if someone finds a crow’s feather, he uses it as a sign of good luck. It’s believed that a crow’s feather will bring financial gain to the one who carries it.

Also, a sudden visit from a crow in your backyard indicates that you may expect a visit from an old friend.

Is crow a good or bad omen?

There is no simple answer to the question is crow a good or bad omen? Our interpretation can affect many factors.

Traditionally, they are seen as an anticipation of death and illness. But, not all cultures believe in that.

Members of some cultures believe just the opposite, for them crows are carriers of good luck and happiness. 

The most universal belief is that crow is a signal of temporary setbacks, it prevents personal growth and development.

The good thing is that this is just a temporary setback.

In the long run, it promises long-term success and positive transformation shortly. 

Usually, seeing a crow indicates that you’ll face positive news, but that positive news will be followed by hidden perils and you need to raise your awareness.

Your journey towards defined goals won’t be without obstacles and your need to prepare for it.

When you’re thinking about crows as a good or bad omen, the best option is to observe them as a warning sign and, when you see them, you need to have eyes on your back.

It’s especially true when it comes to the people in your enclosure.


I presented to you some amazing facts about spiritualism and explained what it means when you see a crow.

I hope you liked the article and have found the answers you were looking for.

If you still have any questions or doubts, please, don’t hesitate, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll gladly respond.

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