Seeing a red cardinal after death: What Does It Mean?

The death of a beloved person is always a traumatic experience. During such unfortunate events, people are going through different stages of grieving and seeking a sign from heaven that the deceased person hasn’t left us. One such sign is a red cardinal. Do you know what seeing a red cardinal after death means?

Seeing a red cardinal after death is a message from heaven. There’s a belief that seeing a cardinal after the loss of a beloved person symbolizes a visit from the other side. This way you’re receiving a message that the soul of the deceased person is still with you and you’re not alone in this world.

This article will help you to get a better understanding of the symbolism of seeing a red cardinal after death. I’ll present to you this magnificent bird and explain to you its connection to the spiritual world. So, let’s start!

The meaning of seeing a red cardinal after death

The meaning of seeing a red cardinal after death

The red cardinal is famous for its flame-bathed red and orange feathers.

There’s a widespread belief that seeing a red cardinal after death connects you with the soul of the deceased person.

The red cardinal symbolizes eternal flame and immortality.

If a red cardinal appears in your enclosure after the death of a beloved person, it’s not a coincidence and you need to take these messages seriously.

Our departed ones are trying to communicate with us and they’re finding different ways to do it.

The red cardinal is one of the ways they’re doing it. This way, they want to help us to overcome the grieving process.

They’re trying to tell us their souls are still with us and they will be there forever.

A red cardinal’s feathers symbolize blood. Generally, in Christianity cardinal is a symbol of Christ’s blood. It represents reincarnation and eternal love.

A red cardinal is sent to you to remind you that God has a greater plan for you.

Your life is a part of a bigger process and life continues even after death. 

God finds mysterious ways to communicate with you and birds are one of them.

Cardinals are messengers from the other side. You don’t need to be worried, it’s not a bad omen.

It’s just the way how angels are reminding you of their presence and mercy.

They’re sending you a message that they took you under their wings and they’re protecting you.

Native Americans had a strong bond with red cardinals.

They worshiped this colorful bird and explained seeing a red cardinal after death as an encounter with souls of deceased warriors fallen in recent battles.

They used the red cardinal’s feathers as a lucky charm. They believed that feathers would protect them in following wars.

Why are red cardinals associated with death?

Many people are intrigued with red cardinals and have the same question: why are red cardinals associated with death?

If you start exploring almost any culture in the world, you’ll see a connection between red cardinals and death.

The answer to that question is easy: many birds are connected with angels, but a red cardinal is the most common bird species mentioned together with angels.

It’s observed as the voice from heaven.

A red cardinal’s red color indicates that it’s touched by divine flame and it carries messages from Ascended Masters.

This way your ancestor talks to you and sends you consolation during unfortunate events.

A red cardinal is so deeply connected to the spiritual world, that even the first citizens of Ancient Rome called themselves cardinals.

In the following years, a cardinal monk order was introduced in Christianity.

Today, they’re a high bishop order and they’re carrying red uniforms. 

Red cardinals and death

There’s a strong connection between red cardinals and death.

A red cardinal’s bond with death has roots in Native American folklore.

Native American tribes respected the animals and had the deepest respect for birds, especially for the red cardinal. 

Native Americans believed that red cardinals are messengers of departed ones.

It was the way they encouraged themselves before going to wars against other tribes.

If you see a red cardinal after a death, it’s likely that you’re connecting with the soul of a beloved person that passed away recently.

This way the deceased one wants to assure you it’s still there for you.

Though a person physically left this world, its soul will be there eternally.

A red cardinal can be seen often on trees around cemeteries and it’s not a coincidence.

They’re a symbol of immortality and eternal flame.

This way, they’re connecting cemetery visitors to the spiritual world and their beloved ones.

If you’ve experienced a red cardinal’s visit after a tragic loss, you can breathe a sigh of relief, it’s a good omen and a sign that you had a deep, sincere, and loving relationship with the deceased one.

What does a red cardinal mean?

I’m sure you’re wondering: what does a red cardinal mean?

This tiny, magnificent bird is often connected to death, but it has many other meanings and symbols.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Immortality – A red cardinal is the ultimate symbol of immortality. It’s observed as a voice of angels and a carrier of divine messages to our world. 
  1. Loyalty – Red cardinal is an extremely loyal creature. It chooses one partner for nesting and stays with him eternally. If a partner dies, it will not seek another one, but it will mourn until the end of its life.
  1. Energy – If you ever saw a red cardinal, then you know why it’s a symbol of energy. It’s a bird full of energy and its fast movements create vivid scenes.
  1. Love – A red color of the cardinal’s feathers is the ultimate symbol of love. Not just because they’re loyal and full of love for their partners, but also because the red color symbolizes eternal love.

When a cardinal crosses your path

When a cardinal crosses your path

If you’re wondering what does it mean when a cardinal crosses your path, there is more than one answer or bird symbolism and I’ll present to you some of them:

  • A voice from the other side – If a red cardinal crosses your path, it’s likely that your ancestors are trying to communicate with you. They’re telling you that they are watching over you and you’re not alone.
  • A new beginning – If a red cardinal crosses your path, it could be an announcement that you are ready for a fresh start. It’s the perfect moment for a new beginning and you need to take that chance.
  • Romantic love – Red cardinals are romantic creatures, so if a red cardinal crosses your path, it indicates that you’re a person full of love. It could also announce positive changes in your love life.
  • Confidence – Red cardinal is a very brave and confident bird. If it crosses your path, it indicates that you need to build stronger confidence and trust your senses. It wants to tell you that you’re smarter and stronger than you think you are.
  • Loyalty – A red cardinal is an extremely loyal partner. If a red cardinal crosses your path, it symbolizes you as a loyal friend and partner.
  • Balance – A red cardinal crossing your path could be a wake-up call to find more balance in your life. It’s a signal from heaven that you need to reconsider your goals and work on them.
  • Good luck – If a red cardinal crosses your path, it’s a good omen and you may experience fortunate events soon. It could be a significant financial income, a lottery win, or a new job opportunity.

Red cardinal superstition

A red cardinal superstition can be found throughout history in almost every part of the world.

There’s almost not a single civilization that doesn’t have some superstition related to a red cardinal.

Old Celts believed that a dead red cardinal is a symbol of bad luck.

They believed if newlyweds see a dead red cardinal, their marriage will not last long.

Old Greeks believed that a red cardinal symbolizes blood.

They had a belief that if they see a red cardinal before the battle, they may get hurt, or even die in the battle.

Native Americans saw a red cardinal as a good omen.

They believed if they start seeing a red cardinal after winter, they would have a good summer harvest.

Old Aborigines believed that red cardinals were scaring evil ghosts away.

They believed that the cardinal’s red color comes from the Sun, which was always a symbol of good forces and life.

Ancient Irish people saw a red cardinal as a good omen.

They believed that a red cardinal appears in someone’s life after a period of grieving, to help the soul to heal.


I presented to you the meaning of seeing a red cardinal after death and its connection with the spiritual world.

I hope you enjoyed the article and have found the answers you were looking for.

If you still have unanswered questions and doubts, please, don’t hesitate, leave a comment and I’ll gladly respond.

9 thoughts on “Seeing a red cardinal after death: What Does It Mean?”

  1. My mother died at home in her room at my house. Before she died my brother saw someone in my garage taking pictures. It was her hospice nurse. She said I had a cardinal in my garage (which had never happened before). My mother died a short time later in the presence of her loved ones and hospice nurse and chaplain. We said our goodbyes, went downstairs to the family room. Just outside on my deck looking in the family room was a male and female cardinal. 4 days prior I had a dream of my father coming to get my mother. This experience I’ll never forget and will always give me comfort. Mickie

  2. Today is the anniversary of my father’s death, 2 years ago. Just now, I found a dead cardinal in my yard. I worry what omen may be associated with that! I believe it was a female or a young male as the red plummage was not fully formed.

  3. Thank you. Mum died 3 weeks ago. I was her caregiver, refusing to put her in a home. I quit my job, loss contacts with friends. For that I have no regrets. I feel if I took better care of her, she might still be here. She was 89. I saw a red cardinal not even a week after she died. I’ve never seen one in this area before while walking the dog. A few nights ago, I was walking and smelt her perfume. Was that my imagination? Please tell me more signs. I’m under a drs care because I vomit, pass out and cry so hard.

    Janice Heintzelman

    My father passed away in the late evening. The next day I was at his home and I looked out his front window and on his bird feeder was a female and then later a male cardinal. I went to my hair salon and right outside the window was a cardinal on their feeder. When I returned home that evening there was a cardinal in my back yard. My dad was telling me he is okay and watching over me now.

  5. My wife tragically passed last month, she was only 34. I’ve been seeing a ton of Cardinals since. I had an especially surreal experience this morning. While driving, two cardinals were sitting in the side of the road, almost as if they were waiting for me. As I got closer, they flew off together in front of me. A couple hours later I was thinking about this event. I look over and yep, another cardinal. I’m convinced this is her trying to communicate something to me.

  6. This is the first time I’ve ever commented on anything before. I lost my cousin 3 weeks ago, she was fatally assaulted and the person/people responsible haven’t been caught. My heart is broken and I miss her terribly. She would be turning 38 this week. Today i was at a friends house eating dinner. As we sat at the dining room table eating, a cardinal landed on the window and looked inside at me. I broke down crying, wondering if that was a sign if she was ok, at at peace? I’ve been searching and looking since the day we identified her body. I love you cuzzy…RIP.

  7. I never believed in any of this but yesterday I was standing in my backyard and looking into the next yard where my mother used to live. She died 4 years ago in March, 2019. I was actually speaking out loud to myself and saying “mother would not like that the new owners cut down all her trees.” Just then a beautiful red Cardinal flew by and sat in the tree in my yard to my left. I looked up and it only stayed about one minute and then flew away. Was this a sign? Oh My God!

  8. my grandmother passed on june 9th 2014 and my best friend in Christ passed may 2 2015 and my son passed july 2nd 2015 i saw 3 cardinals in my yard the other day and i just started crying because i was thinking about my son and situation that im dealing with

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