Dead Bird Symbolism and Meaning: It’s Time For Change and Transformation

Birds have always been observed as messengers from the other side. Their wings unequivocally remind us of angels, so it’s not surprising that many of us find the sight of dead birds disturbing. And it’s for a reason. Seeing a dead bird can have many symbolic meanings that can be explained through different birds and different folktales worldwide. What does a dead bird symbolize?

Dead bird symbolism is connected to hopelessness, grief, discontentment, and failure. The end of a bird’s life may indicate the end of some important stage or process in your life. A dead bird may also symbolize transformation and change. The end of life is also the beginning of a process of reincarnation, so if you notice a dead bird, pay attention to the following events.

In this article, I will bring you closer to different symbolic meanings of dead birds and explain to you what different dead birds represent. I hope I will help you to reconcile different life situations where you’ve seen a dead bird and explain to you what it meant. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it.

Dead bird symbolism and meaning

Dead bird symbolism and meaning

Birds usually symbolize life and joy. Their cheerful chirping spreads hope and happiness around, so seeing a dead bird is always an unpleasant moment that may trigger you to think about its symbolic meaning.

Different dead birds have different symbolic meanings, so when you spot them, you should stop for a moment and think about the secret message behind them.

Birds are also the ultimate symbol of love and faithfulness.

All birds are monogamous and extremely loyal mates that stay with their mates until the end of life, so seeing a dead bird may symbolize mistrust and a lack of confidence in people in your enclosure.

To get a better understanding of dead bird symbolism, you need to dive deep into different cultures and religions.

Its meaning varies greatly and you may find it surprising, so let’s find out more about it.

Native Americans

Native Americans have deep respect for birds. They also believe in an infinite cycle of nature. Therefore, when Native Americans see a dead bird, they observe it as a symbol of renewal and rebirth.

If a bird dies, it’s a sign that a new life is started somewhere nearby in some different form.

Another symbolic meaning of the dead bird in Native American culture is change and transformation.

To them, death is just a transitional stage from one life to another, so if they see a dead bird, they believe that it announces important upcoming changes.

Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greeks had a similar connection with dead birds as Native Americans. They believed that death is just a stage towards reincarnation, so if they’ve seen a dead bird, they explained it as a beginning of a new life.

Some even believed that a dead bird may announce that someone nearby will get a baby soon.


Christians have a more radical attitude toward a dead bird and see it with a negative connotation.

They believe if you find a dead bird on your path, it’s a bad omen and it will bring you some unfortunate events. It should serve as a warning sign to pay attention to upcoming events.

Asian Cultures

Asians observe a dead bird as a personification of dead ancestors. They believe if you see a dead bird, you’re receiving secret messages from your deceased ancestors and the bird’s death symbolizes misfortune and bad upcoming events.

What does seeing a dead bird symbolize?

There isn’t a unique answer to the question of what seeing a dead bird symbolizes and answers depend on different circumstances where you spot a dead bird. Below you can find the 7 most common dead bird symbolic meanings.

1. Death

Death is the first and the most common association with a dead bird. If you see one, either higher forces want to remind you of someone who recently passed away, or they want to prepare you for upcoming tragic events.

2. Rebirth

Another, more positive symbolic meaning of a dead bird is a rebirth. In many cultures, dead birds are connected with the process of rebirth and a new life. In many folktales, the death of one creature is just a transitional process toward eternal life.

3. Warning

Seeing a dead bird on your path can be explained as a warning sign. When it happens, you need to sharpen your senses and pay attention to upcoming events. It could be that someone in your enclosure wants to harm you.

4. Lost or someone close to you

Dead birds are often sent to you to remind you of the loss of a beloved person. This way, guardian angels are reminding you that the soul of the deceased person is still with you.

5. Heartache

A Dead bird often symbolizes a broken heart or even heart failure. So if you see one, it’s likely someone will hurt your feelings.

6. Unhealthy environment

If you spot a dead bird, you may be living in an unhealthy environment. Despite this symbolic meaning, it’s probably a real fact, having in mind that in most cases birds die due to unhealthy air.

7. Failed dreams

Birds are often considered heavenly creatures that make our dreams come true. So, if you spot a dead bird, it may indicate that you’ve failed to achieve your dreams.

What are dead birds a sign of?

Though seeing any dead animal could be a scary experience, it doesn’t always need to be a bad omen and it varies from one individual to another. In some cases, dead birds are a sign of tragic upcoming events.

On the other hand, there are some circumstances where seeing dead birds may indicate the end of a process and the beginning of an exciting period.

Your acceptance of this information depends on your personal background and your mindset.

What does a dead bird symbolize?

Different types of birds can have different meanings in different cultures. That’s also the case for dead birds. Each kind of dead bird has its own unique and special meaning and symbolism.

To be sure how an encounter with a dead bird affects your life first you need to determine what type of bird it is.

Dead black bird symbolism

Dead black bird symbolism is just like the black color in association with the unconscious, of the unaware.

Seeing this type of bird means you have some unresolved tension that you need to take care of. It could be that you keep holding on to something that is hurting you.

Dead bluebird symbolism

Dead bluebird’s symbolic meaning luckily has nothing to do with death. Actually, quite the opposite – it represents a normal life process.

That means that you will lose your innocence with time but also live long enough to grow old and experience happy moments during your lifespan.

Dead blue jay symbolism

The symbolism of a dead blue jay is connected to your attempt to run away from your problems.

When you see a dead blue jay, it’s a message from divine forces to face your fears and enemies regardless of how difficult they are.

Another important message behind a dead blue jay is that you need to raise your awareness of your spirituality.

Lately, you’ve been disconnected from your spiritual self, so dead blue jay is there to remind you of it. Dive deep into your heart and find out who you really are.

If you see a dead blue jay, it could also be a wake-up call to be more determined. You need to give your best to protect yourself and your family.

Stand up against invaders and show them your attitude. That’s the only way to defend yourself and your beloved ones.

Dead crow symbolism

The dead crow symbolizes a messenger from the world of the dead.

As a herald from the other side, it indicates that life doesn’t end, but it continues eternally. It also tells you that new opportunities are on the way.

Crows have been covered by a veil of mysticism for centuries, but seeing a dead crow doesn’t have to concern you.

It’s just a reminder to you to shift your energy and bring some positivity into your life.

Dead crow also indicates that divine forces have noticed your anxiety. When you find a dead crow on your path, you need to stop for a moment and think about your issues.

Try to figure out what bothers you and give your best to solve that issue.

Dead dove symbolism

Dead dove has deep symbolic meaning. If you find it on your path, it’s a reminder to start finding a hidden truth in your soul.

The time has come to start looking for answers, so don’t hesitate and start marching the path of cognition.

Since doves are monogamous birds that stay with mates for life, if you see a dead dove, it could be a sign that you’re permanently separated from a beloved person.

It’s a hidden sign to reconsider your life goals and make huge cuts. Either you need to connect again with your mate, or turn the page and start a completely new life.

If you find a dead dove chick, it symbolizes a new beginning. You need to turn back and start doing some things from the beginning.

Whether you have personal or professional plans, you need to stop for the moment and reconsider them.

Dead eagle symbolism

Dead eagle symbolism is related to upcoming unfortunate events. An eagle is the symbol of power and dominance, so if you see a dead one, it could indicate that you will lose your power in certain relations.

It could be a mishap at work, or your partner may be cheating on you.

Seeing a dead eagle is definitely a bad omen. It can forthtell your downfall.

If you had a major success lately, that may change and you may lose everything. Therefore, use this omen as a warning sign and watch yourself.

Dead hawk symbolism

The symbolism of the dead hawk is very powerful. Similar to eagles, hawks represent courage, power, and limitless freedom.

If a hawk dies and you find it on your path, it could be a bad omen- A dead hawk represents the loss of freedom and independence.

In some cases, a dead hawk doesn’t have a negative symbolic meaning. While they’re flying freely up in the sky, they are facing loneliness and solitude.

Thus, if you see a dead hawk, it may symbolize the end of the era of loneliness and you’ll develop a wonderful friendship, or maybe even enter a new romance.

Dead hummingbird symbolism

Dead hummingbird symbolism can be related to the loss of joy and happiness. If you find a dead hummingbird, it could be a sign that you’ve stopped appreciating small things in your life.

Those small things sometimes create true happiness, so try to pay attention to them, they can change your life.

A dead hummingbird is a reminder to find a child deep within your soul. Only by knowing yourself, you’ll find genuine happiness. Your inner child is sleeping somewhere and you need to find it.

Dead magpie symbolism

The symbolism of a dead magpie lies in paying attention to your safety and the safety of people in your surroundings.

This bird anticipates some kind of accident that you can avoid just by being more cautious. Be more careful about the people you’re taking care of, especially if children are in question.

Dead owl symbolism

In many cultures, owls are seen as a sign of death and darkness. These days dead owl symbolism is associated with the need for change and a signal for a person who sees it to change direction on his/her life path.

Dead owls are carriers of important messages. One of those messages is that some relationships or friendships will come to an end soon.

Due to some fight or argument, you may lose an important friend of yours.

When you encounter a dead owl that could mean that now you’re finally ready to overcome some bad situation in your life.

Maybe you have already lost a close friend and that was disturbing you for a long time.

If that’s your case, now you’re strong enough to finally go on and leave in the past a bad relationship.

Dead pigeon symbolism

The symbolism of dead pigeon is representing the lack of pleasure in the life of the person who sees it. It can also symbolize two types of betrayal.

First, it can be that we will betray someone on purpose or accidentally. Second, it can represent betrayal we will sense on our skin from someone close.

Even though pigeons are known as messy birds, their existence is closely associated with human beings. They spend their life around ours and many people breed them.

They are often seen as symbols of passion and merriment. That’s how they are seen in Roman and Greek anthologies.

The symbolic meaning of these birds can be associated with their role in the past. They were trusted by people to carry important messages which can represent life or death.

That’s why their presence is in a strong relationship with trust and betrayal.

Dead red bird symbolism

Dead red bird symbolism represents the stage of your life in which you were stuck. Considering it, seeing a dead bird is a good omen.

An exception is if you spot a dead red bird in front of your house, it may announce the death of someone close to you.

Dead red cardinal symbolism

The symbolic meaning of a dead red cardinal is good luck. Of course, you should still watch out that things won’t go wrong.

Things might start getting better again for you. On the other hand, seeing this bird dead inside your house can be a symbol of death.

Dead robin symbolism

Dead robin symbolism could indicate that you’re becoming a meaner and colder person than you once were.

Robin is a respected bird in Christianity and its bright red color is often related to the blood of Christ.

Therefore, the dead robin on your path symbolizes your cold-blooded character.

In some other cases, a robin symbolizes excitement and freshness, so if you see one dead, it may symbolize a lack of new events in your life.

It’s a sign that you should change your daily routine and bring some news into your life.

Dead seagull symbolism

Dead seagulls are symbols of communication. Seeing them dying means that you may have huge misunderstandings or miscommunications with your partner, friend, or family member.

Also, since these birds are also standing for freedom, seeing one dead means you should try to avoid traveling abroad at the moment.

Dead sparrow symbolism

Little sparrows are a symbol of productivity and efficiency. Seeing a dead sparrow symbolizes business failure or lack of success because of loss of productivity and efficiency.

On the other hand, these birds can represent cooperation and teamwork. Encountering a dead sparrow could easily mean that you’re not a good team player and that’s something your colleagues can feel.

That’s one of the reasons why you’re having a bad period at work. You can see this bird as a kind reminder to change.

If you’re part of a group project your teammates are not satisfied with the effort you’re putting in and generally with your attitude. Being aware of this issue is the first step to resolution.

Analyze where you’re making mistakes and work on them. Everybody is making mistakes, that’s normal, but only brave ones are willing to admit when they’re wrong and make an effort to change it.

Dead white bird symbolism

A dead white bird on your path is a symbol and harbinger of unfortunate events.

Since the white color is a symbol of peace and purity and white birds are often considered heavenly creatures, seeing a dead white bird can be an unsettling experience and it could announce a conflict with someone close to you.

Dead woodpecker symbolism

Dead woodpecker symbolism is related to the lack of faith and self-confidence. Alive, a woodpecker is a symbol of hard work and persistence.

If you find a dead woodpecker, it’s a message from heaven that you’re struggling to find the motivation to achieve your goals.

It’s a sign that you’re missing opportunities and becoming a spectator in your own life.

You should use this symbolic meaning as a wake-up call and start acting today. Find new energy and make peace with your inner self.

Wake up a sleepy monster in your soul and take control of your life.

Dead yellow bird symbolism

The symbolism of the dead yellow bird means you’re going to have some kind of stress in your life.

It could mean an emotional breakdown or it could mean that someone close to you died. You may also get a message about a relationship being over.

Spiritual meaning of dead birds

Seeing a dead bird is definitely a moment to remember, especially if it happens repeatedly or if you see a dead bird in the middle of the night.

The spiritual meaning of dead birds can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the circumstances, but here are the 5 most peculiar dead birds’ spiritual meanings.

1. Broken heart

If you see a dead bird, you should prepare yourself for betrayal. It means that someone in your enclosure secretly works against you.

It could be that your partner is unfaithful to you or you’re surrounded by false friends and some of them have a plan to betray you.

2. Unsettling upcoming events

The dead bird may announce a turbulent, unsettling period in your family. It could announce a divorce or some other mishap in your family.

In this case, the dead bird wants to psychically prepare you for unfortunate events.

3. Soul of a departed ancestor

A dead bird in front of you may symbolize the soul of a dead ancestor. This way, a deceased one wants to tell you that you’re not alone and you’re being watched.

4. Rebirth

In some cultures, seeing a dead bird may symbolize rebirth. It means that death is just the beginning of a new phase and a new journey.

5. Warning

If you find a dead bird on your path, it could be a warning sign to pay attention to upcoming events. Maybe someone in your enclosure wants to harm you or take advantage of you.

Biblical meaning of dead birds

Biblical meaning of dead birds

Birds are symbolizing a new beginning and they are omens of renewal and hope for the future. Their ability to fly allows them to see what others cannot see.

We should feel free to express ourselves inspired by their wisdom and sensitivity and to do so without fear. A period of renewal follows loss and obstacles.

The Biblical meaning of dead birds is related to the belief they are wise creatures who can teach us many things.

Their communication skills help us learn how to open up our minds and hearts to receive more information.

We should use them wisely because they can show us what we need to do to change our lives.

Sometimes birds die, meaning that we lose something precious or someone important to us dies.

This might mean that we must let go of an old habit, or it could simply mean that the person died.

When this happens, it is time to move on and start again. When we lose a loved one, the pain of loss can remind us that there will come a time when we too will pass away.

Even though we face difficulties, we must always remember that God is there for us. Our faithfulness will lead to our salvation.

What is the dead bird dream meaning?

Birds in dreams are not something rare, that’s something we dream sometimes as the main motive and sometimes it appears just in the background.

On the other hand, dreaming about a dead bird is rare, it doesn’t happen frequently and may leave us astonished after we wake up. So, what is the dead bird dream meaning?

A dead bird falling from the skies in your dream means that you’re not paying enough attention to the most important thing in your life.

You should focus on your career or relationship instead of wasting time on meaningless activities.

The color of the bird in a dream also affects a proper interpretation. In case a bird in your dream was black that means you are about to achieve great things.

You will attain inner wisdom and enlightenment shortly.

However, seeing a white bird means that you may lose your innocence. You should avoid being involved in anything that could lead to losing it.

Dreaming of a dead bird coming back to life means that you’ll be given a second chance to make things right with someone who was once important to you.

A dying bird in your dream means that you’re running out of time to do something important. You need to act quickly or else you’ll be harmed.

What does a dead bird in the yard mean?

All of us treat our yards as recreational places where we do enjoy leisure time with our families and loved ones. Birds are symbols of happiness and joy. They bring cheerfulness into our lives.

Their deaths in our yards symbolize the loss of someone close to us. A dead bird may be a sign of illness or death in our families, anyway something bad is going to happen.

A dead bird in your yard could also mean that you’re indulging in a little side business. Unfortunately, there is a certain possibility it won’t end well.

You may put extra effort into it, but some things aren’t under your control and things may work against you anyway.

Meaning of a dead bird on a driveway

The meaning of a dead bird on the driveway is associated with your journey through life. Dead birds represent transformation.

You can either use them to make new things, or you can throw them away.

In either case, they are useful. However, if you want to transform into something better, you need to be ready to accept change.

Dead bird at the front door meaning

Dead birds at the front door of your house mean you’ll probably have some trouble traveling this year. There might be an obstacle to your trip.

As birds are known as a symbol of free movement, a dead bird in your sight can mean a serious obstacle for you. You should stay away from traveling for now.

Of course, a dead bird in front of your door can be a sign of a literal or metaphorical predator. You should check if there are any serious threats to your pets and family.

Dead bird on porch meaning

Seeing a dead bird on a porch means that renewal and change will come to you soon. It can also be linked with the fact that your old ways should die to live in rebirth.

In ancient Greece, there was a belief that a dead bird is a sign that one life needs to end for another one to start

Dead bird in house meaning

Most of us see our homes as sacred and personal places where we are free and truly ourselves.

It’s the place of our highest strength and vulnerability. Seeing any uninvited being inside our walls we can be seen as an intruder.

A dead bird in your house is not a good omen. It can mean that soon you’re going to lose inner peace. Also, it can predict tensions with your family members.

Probably you’re going to fight with some of them over your finances or for some other reasons.

Dead bird falling from sky meaning

A dead bird falling from the sky meaning is related to possibilities and potential life is saving for you.

You need to check if there is something in your life that keeps hurting you and preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Only by changing your point of view, you will make some progress.

Dead bird omen

Dead bird omen

Occasionally, dead bird omen can be interpreted positively. For example, some people explain the presence of a dead bird in your backyard as the perfect spot for a bird to find its eternal rest. It means that your home is peaceful and quiet.

Another positive dead bird omen is a rebirth. Rebirth is the start of something new and it comes right after the end. You should seize the opportunity to do something else.

Dead bird on your path points out your need to let go of something you’re doing to fight for something better. Sometimes, if you find a dead bird, it could be a sign from heaven to slow down.

Higher forces have noticed your urge to chase your dreams, but on your journey towards your goals, you’re getting at risk to experience burnout and lose yourself.

Therefore, a dead bird tells you to watch yourself and find some time to enjoy life.

Sometimes, higher forces encounter you with dead birds to extend your life. Polluted air is the most common bird killer.

If you find a dead bird near your home, it could be a scary experience, but also a warning sign and a wake-up call for you to move to another, healthier environment. You should consider moving to a smaller town or the countryside.

Final thoughts

As you had a chance to see that a dead bird symbolism depends on a lot of factors. Mainly, the exact type of bird is crucial for a proper interpretation.

Every bird carries its unique meaning, no matter if it’s dead or alive. Anyway, generally speaking, seeing a dead bird is connected to hopelessness, grief, discontentment, and failure.

In this article, we tried to cover the most common birds and their symbolism and meaning after they passed out.

If you have experience with encountering some bird that’s not on our list, please write to us and we’ll gladly explain its meaning.

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