What does it mean when you hear an owl?

Owls are deeply rooted in many folktales. As nocturnal hunters, they can be hardly seen during the daylight. These creatures are covered by a veil of mysticism and spiritualism and different cultures have different theories of the owl’s hoot meaning. So, what does it mean when you hear an owl?

Hearing an owl is a wake-up sign to set up your protective energy. Sometimes hearing an owl is a call to action. Changes are coming to your life and you need to be ready for them. Owls are carrying special spiritual energy and a connection to them may change your life.

This article will give you a better understanding of these magnificent animals. I’ll answer different questions about this magnificent animal and explain to you what it has to do with spiritualism and angelic forces. Continue reading and prepare yourself for changes.

What does it mean when you hear an owl?

What does it mean when you hear an owl?

To answer the question What does it mean when you hear an owl? we need to go way back to the past. Since the dawn of time, owls have been intriguing humanity.

They were treated differently in different folktales. Some cultures admired them, yet others treated them as bad omens.

Owls are nocturnal animals. Their extremely good eyesight and hearing senses allow them to hunt easily during nighttime.

Due to that fact, owls are always connected to the night which resulted in countless myths and scary stories related to them.

Owls were especially a subject of mysticism during the Medieval Age, a dark period full of witchcraft and sorcery.

Back then, there was a widespread belief that witches and witchers are transforming themselves into owls and flying around during long, dark nights. Therefore, they got a bad reputation and were, unfairly, hunted.

Owls were observed as a bad omen for centuries, many people believed that owls’ hooting announces upcoming unfortunate events. This belief was especially popular during unstable periods like wars, pandemics, or natural disasters.

Luckily, the Middle Age is far behind us and people have changed their perspective of this animal a long time ago. With the development of science, owls have got their well-deserved treatment.

People started noticing their role on this planet and how important their role is in pest control. They’re extremely successful hunters of mice, rats, snakes, and other small animals, so people usually feel safe when they see owls around.

What does it mean when you hear an owl hoot at night?

Hearing a white owl, snowy owl, or other owl hooting at night can be a bit spooky, especially if you find yourself in the countryside, far away from city lights.

For a long time, people had a belief that owls hooting during the night bring misfortune or bad weather.

Today, we know that it’s just a way owls communicate with each other. Still, I’ll present to you what does it mean when you hear an owl hoot at night in different cultures.

1. Native American

Owls are deeply rooted in Native American history, but their symbolism varies in different tribes. The Cherokee tribe had a belief that owls are bad omens and they’re in connection with witches and witchers.

On the other hand, Navajo and Sioux tribes believed that owls’ hoot at night is nothing but a voice from deceased members of their families.

They believed that this is the way their deceased ones are sending them love and support.

2. Greek

Ancient Greeks worshiped owls and there was a widespread belief that owls are symbols of good luck and better upcoming days. They connected owls with Athena, a goddess of wisdom and they gladly welcomed owls in their enclosure.

3. Roman

Unlike Greeks, Ancient Romans believed that an owl is a symbol of death and illness.

They had a belief that if they hear an owl hooting in the night before the battle, it will bring misfortune to them and their people.

Also, they believed that if an owl lands on someone’s house, that person will die soon.

Hearing an owl hoot in the morning

Since they’re night wanderers. hearing an owl hoot in the morning isn’t a common event.

Morning is a period of the day when darkness disappears and the light comes up, so hearing an owl in the morning may announce the end of a dark period in your life and the announcement of better upcoming days.

An encounter with an owl in the morning indicates that you’re going through the process of spiritual enlightenment.

An owl in the morning reminds you to see the positive aspects of your life and move forward at any cost.

An owl is a highly spiritual animal, so hearing an owl in the morning may be your guide towards a better future. It’s the way divine forces are trying to communicate with you.

Since they can’t approach you directly, they’re sending you an owl, as a sign of their presence in your life.

What does it mean when you hear an owl during the day?

What does it mean when you hear an owl during the day

You’ll rarely see and hear an owl during the day. Owls are extremely cautious animals.

As night hunters, they are staying away from people during the day and they only can be seen and heard if they want to.

So, if you’re wondering what it means when you hear an owl during the day, the answer is that it represents good luck and fortune.

Owls are always carriers of important messages and these messages shouldn’t be ignored.

Hearing an owl during the day may indicate that your hard work is finally paying off. Your guardian angels have recognized your efforts and decided to bless you with their love and protection.

That’s why they’re sending you an owl, to remind you of their love and guidance. If you see or hear owls during the day, you may consider yourself a lucky person,

Hearing two owls meaning

Hearing two owls meaning is related to your spiritual enlightenment. An owl is the ultimate symbol of wisdom and maturity.

So, if you start hearing two owls hooting, it’s a sign that you’ve found yourself in the middle of strong spiritual energies and you need to let them lead you.

Two owls hooting represent changes your soul is going through. It’s a reminder to open your heart and embrace the changes. You’re on a path of cognition and each day you’re becoming a different person.

Higher forces have recognized it, so they’re sending you owls, as a dose of additional energy, needed to move forward.

What does it mean when you hear two owls late at night?

Owls are always carriers of important messages. So if you’re wondering what it means when you hear two owls late at night, the answer lies in the way you observe things around yourself.

Owls want you to change your perspective about recent events and try to discover why they really happened. There’s a hidden message behind it and you need to discover it.

Meaning of owl hooting outside my window

If you wake up and see the owl outside your window or in your backyard, then you will probably ask: What’s the meaning of owl hooting outside my window?

If an owl lands on your window, be sure that the universe has an important message for you.

Owl in your backyard is a herald of upcoming important news. If you or someone in your family is about to give birth soon, an owl in your backyard may indicate that the baby will be a girl and it will be healthy.

What does it mean when an owl hoots outside your house?

If you hear an owl hooting near your house and wonder: “What does it mean when an owl hoots outside your house?”  The answer will cheer you up: an owl outside your house is considered to be a signal of good luck.

Owls are observed as highly spiritual animals and their hooting can only bring positive vibes to you.

Although different cultures have different interpretations of owl symbolism, almost every culture treats owls as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Owls are presented in the world as a symbol of wisdom, so if it lands on your porch and starts hooting, it indicates that you’re going through the process of mental transformation.

You’re becoming a better person and angels are sending you owls to remind you of it.

What does it mean when an owl hoots at you?

If owl hoots at you and if you don’t know what it means when an owl hoots at you, you need to pay close attention to what the universe wants to tell you.

These messages shouldn’t be ignored because they can change your life. 

An owl hooting at you can be a message from heaven that you’ll hear great news soon. It may indicate that you’ll get a raise at your current work or maybe you’ll even get a chance to start your own business.

If you had a wedding in your family recently, a hooting owl may indicate that you’ll have a baby soon in your enclosure.

One way or another, an owl will bring fantastic news to you. Changes are coming to you and you need to prepare your soul for them.

Hearing an owl hoot multiple times 

In case you’re encountering owls frequently and hearing their hoot you may want to know what it means.

Hearing an owl hoot multiple times can have a different interpretation depending on the number of hoots.

Generally, the appearance of an owl in your life could mean that’s your spirit or power animal. This bird will offer you spiritual guidance. 

1. Hoots 1 time

Traditionally one hoot is seen as a bad omen. Many spiritualists see it as a sign of death.

2. Hoots 2 times

After hearing an owl two times that means you’ll have a successful endeavor.

3. Hoots 3 times

Three hoots can mean one special thing: women will marry into the family.

4. Hoots 4 times

If you hear an owl hoot four times you can expect a disturbance.

5. Hoots 5 times

Heard hoot 5 times? Great, you’re going on a trip!

6. Hoots 6 times

After 6 owl hoots, you can expect guests soon.

7. Hoots 7 times

Seven hoots announce a psychological turmoil.

8. Hoots 8 times

Just as one hoot, eight hoots symbolize death.

9. Hoots 9 times

In case you heard an owl hoot 9 times, expect good fortune.

Spiritual meaning of hearing an owl 

The spiritual meaning of hearing an owl could be that you require the establishment of energetic boundaries.

Owls are often seen as a sign of protection. Maybe you heard an owl as a warning sign to protect yourself from people who can harm you.

What does hearing an owl symbolize? 

After encountering one you may be curious about what hearing an owl symbolize. Interpretation is different from culture to culture.

Anyhow, these days people believe that hearing an owl symbolizes wisdom, magic, and sensuality.

Owls are also associated with knowledge and contemplation. Usually, they are seen as a symbol of the spirit world. That wasn’t like that in the past.

In folklore, there is the belief that owls are associated with death. Their alleged connection with witches and dark forces took many members of this species to death. 

Is hearing an owl good luck? 

Hearing these nocturnal animals can make us feel uncomfortable and a little bit creeped out. Since they appear usually at night as night hunters their sounds are lonely but profound.

That can make us wonder if hearing an owl good luck. Traditionally, many cultures see this sound as an announcement of death. 

That bad reputation has followed owls ever since the Dark Ages. People used to believe that owls are in relation to witches and that at night witches are transforming into owls.

That’s one of the reasons why owls were hunted and determined in the past.

Luckily, owls do not have such a bad reputation these days. Today they are seen as a symbol of change, prosperity, and fresh starts.

People noted their behavior shows a high level of wiseness. Divine forces are sending you this magnificent bird to tell you that you are growing mentally and emotionally. 


Those who were curious and asking what does it mean when you hear an owl I hope they found the answers they were looking for.

However, maybe you have something else to ask. If you do, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal and we’ll find answers for you. 

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    1. There were 3 owls hooting from different directions. Sometimes low about 3 to 4 and sometimes louder again 3 to 4. I personally find it relaxing and comforting to hear them and honored they spoke to me. It was during the worm/,crow full moon as well.

  1. Your cat will die a horrible death with 500 lbs per sq.inch of bone crushing force . It’s a symbol of death without mistake. A super up parrot underneath only 3 -5 lbs. and can carry off a 25 lb. Animal including 8 lb. Tabby cat or 25 lb. Maine coon or a fox or small dog they attack 70 lb . German shepherds on YouTube and kill Bobcats and on Google they show them flying away with cat’s and possum’s . If you hear one outside your cat is in great danger.

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    2 owls hooting together loud and more to count.
    Finally I went outside sat on the deck one was on the tree no more than 12 feet on left side the other on the right in another tree
    Tried to take photo, the one on the right flew away then the one on right followed
    Off in the distance I can hear the one on the left hooting like it was saying later goodbye . Before I went outside both were hooting for 15 minutes
    What does that mean????

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