White Owl Meaning: Symbolism, Significance, And Omen

Sometimes our angels want us to be aware of the care they are willing to give us and they are sending us special signs. One of the most popular channels of communication is through special animals and angel numbers. In case you noted you’re encountering white owls repeatedly you may start wondering what is the white owl meaning?

Depending on culture white owls could represent a bad or a good thing. Mostly, cultures are seeing white owls as a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. These nocturnal creatures have unusual skills and one of them is a flexible neck that can rotate 270 degrees without breaking blood vessels or tearing tendons. That possibility makes them handy hunters.

In the following paragraphs, we’re going to cover the most common situations related to white owl meaning. Hopefully, you’re going to find answers to your questions and those interpretations will help you determine what your angels have to say to you.

White owl meaning and significance

White owl meaning and significance

White owls are rare to see in nature, so when you see them that’s not a coincidence, they are sent to you for a reason.

You should not ignore their presence but think about your feelings and thoughts at that very moment to make a good interpretation.

White owl meaning and significance are deeply related to transformation, change, and most important to inner wisdom.

In many cultures, white owls are known as symbols of intelligence, wisdom, and perceptiveness.

They are nocturnal animals and they are trying to decrease contact with humans, so encounters with them can make people feel mystical energy.

Divine forces send white owls to a person to encourage him\her to step out of their comfort zone and make some changes.

White owl is a signal to take a huge step to make your life better.

It reminds you that you’re the owner of your life and only you can control it.  

Think about your needs and desires. You’ll not achieve your goals by standing in the same spot all the time.

The universe is reminding you to take some risks since you are a brave and worthy person destined for great things.

Spotting a white owl might fill a person with a sense of promise or in some situations with a sense of dread.

It all depends on different individual traits and circumstances. Try to be a person who will get the best out of the white owl encounter situation.

What is white owl symbolism? 

Encounter with a white owl may be a reminder that nothing in this world lasts forever.

If you have a bad time, don’t worry it will pass. Even hard times have expiration dates and happiness always finds its way.

Owls are carriers of endings and beginnings. They come to us as a warning of changes.

After seeing this rare bird you may become curious and ask what is white owl symbolism.

You should know that white owls besides change are linked with wisdom and transformation. 

Some people are getting scared after seeing white owls.

That’s happening because they are encountering them in the night as white owls are nocturnal beings.

The contrast of their white feathers and dark night can give a creepy feeling.

Good thing there is no room for being scared since white owl symbolism is mostly more than good.

Seeing a white owl meaning 

Due to their behavioral habits, white owls usually can be seen only at night.

Even though that’s true, seeing a white owl is still a pretty rare thing, so if you witnessed their presence that’s no coincidence.

The spiritual message is on its way to you a white owl is just a carrier.

The white color of these birds resonates with the light and powerful spiritual vibration.

Because they are living during the night they are representing the dark shadow side of the physical world. 

Seeing a white owl meaning is related to future lessons you’re going to learn about your subconscious, true self.

There is no better thing you can do for yourself than, to be honest with yourself.

Things that you do in real life can be different from things you really want to do. 

Sometimes people do what society wants them to do.

Things like graduating from college, getting married, and having kids are things that our family and friends expect us to do in a certain time frame.

Maybe you don’t want to do any of those things at the moment, or ever. That’s okay.

Your goal in life should be to MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY, not people around you.

If you come to that conclusion after encountering an owl, that means that your angels did a good.

They sent this special bird to you to help you determine what would make you happy and now it is up to you to find your way on how to make your dreams true.

Meaning of white owl crossing your path 

Meaning of white owl crossing your path 

Different circumstances when we see white owls can modify the interpretation of white owl meaning.

Yet one thing is common to all encounters with the barn owl. Their presence forces us to stop doing what we are doing at that moment.

We’re unconsciously beginning to admire the beauty and nobility of this rare bird, and also we begin to think about the spiritual purpose of contact with this bird.

If you have been in that situation you’re probably curious about the spiritual meaning of the white owl crossing your path. By crossing your path owls are trying to get your attention.

Owls usually are trying to avoid human presence, so if they are crossing your path on purpose that means they want to convey a message to you. 

The important alert is sent to you by divine forces – you’re ignoring great opportunities to make changes in your life.

You keep staying in your comfort zone because you are too afraid of the unknown and that prevents you from developing spiritually and emotionally.

It’s important to make hard decisions to finish with things that don’t work for you anymore.

Maybe some of your relationships are not good for you anymore and that’s holding you back.

You deserve to make steps forward and take control over your life, try not to postpone important decisions. 

Procrastination is the worst enemy of success and self-development.

Don’t stay in a toxic relationship or on a lousy job just because you’re afraid.

That will seriously harm you in the long run. Gather courage and face the unknown.

White owl spiritual meaning

Generally speaking, people see white owls as a reminder that nothing lasts forever.

White owl spiritual meaning is in association with our spiritual journey and development.

Seeing it daily is a signal for you to take necessary steps to terminate bad connections and generally things that have a bad impact on you.

It is important to recognize what makes us unhappy and prevents us from growing and progressing spiritually.

Just recognition of a problem is a part of the solution.

Being aware of everything that harms you is a huge step forward for spiritual enlightenment and personal peace.

Don’t be afraid to take some risks, no one ever succeeded by lying on the couch or by doing a job which they hate or by staying with a person who doesn’t give support.

Your courage will be rewarded in the future.

Seeing a white owl at night meaning 

Owls are night creatures. Some people even call an owl the king of the night.

Owl is a skillful night hunter and it’s almost invisible to the human eye. You can see or hear it only if it wants to be seen and heard.

So you’re probably wondering what is seeing a white owl at night meaning?

Seeing a white owl at night symbolizes your secret need to explore the unknown parts of your soul and find new, hidden treasures of your personality.

You’re a natural-born explorer, so seeing an owl at night is a wake-up call to step into the unknown and bring some fun into your life.

You need to step out of your comfort zone and step into the unknown.

Once you start collecting the fruits of your work, your journey will become indefinite.

New events in your life will make you feel like a child again.

Seeing a white owl during the day

It’s not a common sight to see an owl during the day. So, if you see it, you’ve probably wondered what seeing a white owl during the day means?

An owl during the day symbolizes your inner need to step out of your comfort zone and find yourself on unknown terrain.

Owls are wonderful night creatures. They’re extremely cautious and you can seldom see them during the day, so if you do it, it means that an owl isn’t in its natural environment.

Broad daylight indicates enlightenment your soul is going through.

Your brain goes through a process of transformation and you’re suddenly discovering new things in your life.

It also symbolizes the imbalance and instability caused by new events.

But you don’t need to be worried, these new events will bring positive vibes to your life.

If you see a white owl, you’re a fortunate person.

Dead white owl meaning

Encounters with dead animals often can upset us. If you saw one you’re probably curious about dead owls.

No matter if you see it in a dream or in reality it is a bad omen.

It symbolizes the death of a dreamer or person close to the dreamer. 

White owl omen

Seeing a white owl is a positive omen. It will bring you nothing but positive vibes. White owl omen is related to the process of your mental growth.

Owls are the ultimate symbol of wisdom and maturity and the owl’s white feathers symbolize purity and a clear mind.

Though, in some parts of the world seeing a white owl is a bad omen. Native Americans believed that a white owl is a symbol of death.

Some Native American tribes believed that if a white owl lands on someone’s house, that person will die soon.

Besides that, the white owl is related to reincarnation.

Some old civilizations had the belief that a white owl is a voice from ancestors.

They believed that the ancestors were sending their support to them through owls.

The white owl was observed as the voice from heaven.

White owl represented enlightenment and was related to mental stability and wisdom.

People also believed that a white owl’s feathers have the power to protect the one who wears it on its head.  

White owl meaning Native American

When it comes to white owl meaning Native American tribes had different beliefs and they varied from tribe to tribe.

Some tribes believed that the white owl is a symbol of death, yet others believed it is a symbol of new life and hope.

Those who believed that a white owl is a symbol of death unjustly hunted them and brought them to the brink of extinction.

They’ve been taking owl’s feathers to decorate their weapons, hats, or even houses.

Apache and Cherokee tribes had the belief that owls are sent to them from higher forces to punish them for the sins of their ancestors and it will bring death and suffering to their people.

If they saw an owl before the battle, they’ve seen it as a warning sign and were extra cautious, trying to avoid or postpone the war.

Other Native American tribes believed that the white owl’s color represents new hope and purity.

They worshipped them and believed that if a woman sees an owl, she can expect to get pregnant soon.

Some Native American tribes explained the presence of white owls as a voice from Ascended Masters who wanted to communicate with them, giving them wisdom and enlightening their way through the unknown.

There was a widespread belief that some Native American tribal chiefs and shamans could communicate with divine forces and spirits and they did it through owls.

They believed that owls’ hooting are messages from spirits and they are carriers of important messages.

A white owl in dream meaning

If you ever dreamt about white owls then you’ve probably wondered what is the white owl in a dream meaning.

You don’t need to be worried, seeing a white owl in your dream is a good omen.

Owls are extremely skillful predators. They’re exterminating mice, rats, and other pests and making our living space a better place.

So if an owl appears in your dream, it means that your soul is going through the process of cleaning and healing.

If you’ve been going through a tough period lately, the white owl in your dream may indicate that that stage of your life has finally come to the end and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

White owl indicates that you can expect positive vibes in the future.

An owl is a symbol of wisdom, so if you see it in your dreams, it’s a sign that you’re going through the process of mental transformation and you’re on the right path to find out new interesting things about yourself.

Owls are related to mental stability and it’s not a coincidence that it has appeared in your dream right now.

Your inner spirit is awakening and it wants to tell you that this is the perfect moment for change.

You need to start acting today and the reward will come soon.


I hope now you have a better understanding of white owls meaning.

We covered the most common situations related to these extraordinary and rare creatures.

If you think that we missed something and you have more questions related to the white owl meaning, feel free to contact us, we’ll gladly give you the answers you’re searching for.

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