What does a tiger symbolize?

Tigers are known as powerful and dangerous animals. These majestic beasts are powerful in the spiritual world as well. This magnificent animal is associated with myths and fairy tales worldwide. Different cultures have different answers to the question: what does a tiger symbolize? 

The tiger is a symbol of strength and military prowess. Besides, a tiger represents courage, power, and ambition. There is no such animal who is so brave and steady. On the other hand in many Eastern countries, tigers are associated with their position in society, rank, and status. 

Below you’ll find an interpretation of the tiger in specific conditions. After reading this article you’ll have all the answers to the question of what does a tiger symbolize. We made an effort to cover this topic as detailed as possible. Let’s find out more about the tiger’s spiritual meanings!

What does a tiger symbolize and represent?

What does a tiger symbolize and represent

If we’re talking about what a tiger symbolizes and represents, we’re usually talking about a Bengal tiger, which is stationed around the Bengal region in West India. It’s the most popular and most populated kind of tiger.

Tiger is a symbol of strength and power. This fearsome beast is one of the greatest killers in the animal kingdom. And it’s for a reason. 

A grown tiger weighs over 300 kg and it’s the biggest car in the wilderness, bigger even than a lion.

It’s a symbol of fear and respect, especially in Indian folklore, where people in remote villages have a lot of contact with this animal.

Here’s another fun fact: tigers are the only mammal predators without natural enemies.

If they have an opportunity, they hunt even grown bears. Having that in mind, it’s obvious why this animal earns so much respect.

Since the dawn of time, hunters in the Bengal region have tested their manhood in tiger hunting.

They usually did it with a bow and arrows, or with a spear, and the ones who managed to kill this majestic beast were glorified.

The others, who failed to kill the tiger, in most cases, lost their lives and got killed by this predator.

Even today, this animal represents power. Many people in different niches, who see themselves as leaders, are identifying themselves with tigers.

Tiger causes fear and respect and it’s a symbol of rank, status, and position in their community.

What is the white tiger symbolism?

The white tiger is a sort of Bengal tiger. They’re living in a mountain region in northern India.

That region is mostly covered in snow, so tigers who inhabit this region through time have lost their pigment, which turned their orange fur into white.

There are two reasons for that: the first is lack of the sun and the second reason is camouflage. They turned white to fit into the environment and make the hunt easier.

The White Tiger has almost the same symbolism as a Bengal Tiger. It’s a symbol of power and strength.

The only difference is that the white color on the tiger’s fur symbolizes spiritual awakening and purity.

White tigers are capable of going through various situations and yet remain pure and remain serene.

In the astrology of the Far East, the white tiger is a symbol of aggression, seduction, and female sexuality.

The white tiger represents a perfect combination of the fierceness of a soldier and majestic dignity.

The white tiger is not only related to India. If you explore the Shogun dynasty in Japan.

If you visit the remains of Shogun castles in Tokyo, Kyoto, or some other cities, you can see the paintings of white tigers on walls.

They painted white tigers on walls to fear away evil spirits and demons.

In some parts of Chinese folklore, tigers are symbols of ultimate truth and spiritual enlightenment.

They worshipped white tigers and painted their combat shields to scare away enemies and to earn divine protection.

What does a tiger symbolize in the bible?

A tiger is one of the rare animals which aren’t mentioned in the Bible. Although lions and leopards, and more than 100 other animals, insects, and non-human creatures, tigers and cats aren’t mentioned there. 

Yet, even though it’s not mentioned in the Bible, a tiger is a well-known animal in Christianity.

Tigers were symbols of treachery, cruelty, and martyrdom. Roman emperors caged tigers and lions, which served them as a tool of punishment.

They punished infidels, atheists, and thieves, throwing them into cages. It was a cruel show for the mass population.

What does a tiger symbolize in a dream?

If a tiger appears in your dream, that’s a message that definitely shouldn’t be ignored, because your subconsciousness wants to tell you something.

The message of the tiger in your dream depends on the situation in a certain dream. Below you can find some basic interpretations of dreams with tigers.

Dreaming of a tiger bites you – You may experience disappointment from a beloved person.

You’re escaping a tiger – Your inner voice tells you that you’re too afraid to face your fears and you’re running away from it.

Dreaming of an injured tiger – You need to pay attention to your enclosure. You have enemies among your friends. Someone is preparing to hurt your feelings and you need to keep your eyes open.

Sleeping tiger in your dream – New ideas are growing in your head and they will come out to the surface soon. In other words: GET READY FOR AN ACTION.

Fighting a tiger – You’ll experience a large success, or failure, it depends on the outcome of the fight in your dream.

Hugging a tiger in a dream – Your inner emotions are overwhelming you and you’re full of love. 

What does the tiger symbolize in Chinese culture?

There’s a deep connection between tigers and Chinese culture. Even in Ancient China tigers were adored and worshiped.

Tigers were even mentioned in the Book of Rites, an ancient Chinese book. Tigers were mentioned as “Good animals because they eat boars and rats”.

In Chinese culture, this animal symbolizes power and strength. This animal is especially popular in southern and south-eastern parts of China, where tigers are densely populated.

For them, the tiger is the king of all beasts and the ultimate symbol of fear. It’s not a coincidence, many people, especially in remote villages, were killed by tigers.

Tiger is also present in Chinese astrology. A tiger Zodiac sign represents the Ruler of all beasts on Earth.

It’s believed that persons born in the year of the tiger are courageous, optimistic, and full of confidence.

Also, it’s expected for them to have a long life, full of prosperity and abundance. 

Sleeping tiger meaning 

Sleeping tiger meaning is related to the belief that it’s dangerous to wake a tiger who sleeps. It’s a metaphor that means that you should make problems you cannot handle later.

Anyhow, playing safe is not always the best. If you don’t move boundaries you’ll never reach your full potential.

Spiritual meaning of tiger

Spiritual meaning of tiger

As the largest living cat, the tiger is agile and dangerous. The spiritual meaning of the tiger is also related to his physical characteristics. 

When you have an encounter with a tiger that’s a reminder that you should have some time for yourself. Solitude can bring a lot of joy and prosperity.

Connecting with your true self and listening to your inner soul is linked with your spiritual awakening and enlightenment. 

We all try to find our way of personal growth, you’re not the only one. There is no better way for our development than getting to know better secrets of our hearts. 

Tigers are appearing in front of you when your angels want you to create your private place and to hide from the influence of others.

They want you to have a place no one else can enter without your permission.

Eye of the tiger spiritual meaning 

One special type of jewelry is named after the largest cat in the world in the eye of the tiger. Just like the tiger who is a symbol of courage, the tiger’s eye also represents power and bravery.

This special stone is a part of the Quartz family. It has many meanings, it gives protection and power to those who have it.

Usually, the eye of the tiger’s spiritual meaning is associated with protection from the evil eye and the possibility to remove negative energy.

It’s a stone of health and vitality. It brings luck and riches and prosperity in love.

Tiger’s eye is often related to Mars. It balances the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Third Eye chakras.

Tigers are also popular in Zodiac-themed designs such as astrological signs or the Chinese Zodiac, with Tiger’s Eye representing the year of the tiger.

What is the meaning of the tiger tattoo?

Tiger tattoos are pretty popular among young people. Youngsters are painting their bodies with tiger tattoos worldwide because it’s an ultimate symbol of power and strength.

And not just youngsters, many people who identify themselves as leaders are painting their chest, biceps, and back with tiger tattoos.

Tiger tattoos are especially popular in Far Eastern culture. Chinese and Japanese people have worshiped tigers for centuries and it’s common to see tiger tattoos on their bodies.

Japanese Samurai warriors painted their back and chest with tiger tattoos. They believed a tiger gives them strength during fights and protects them from evil forces and demons.

Even today, tigers are a symbol of power in Japanese folklore. Members of the Yakuza gang identify themselves with tigers and they tattoo tigers’ heads on their bodies and wear clothes with tiger motifs.

On the other hand, the tiger cub tattoo symbolizes innocence and purity of the soul. People often tattoo tiger cubs as a symbol of love for their children.

They’re usually tattooed cubs on the left side of their chest, to be close to the heart. 


I hope you got your answer to the question: what does a tiger symbolize. I tried to answer the most frequent questions associated with the tiger’s spiritual meaning.

Still, if you want to ask more feel free to write to us. We’ll gladly find all the right answers for you.

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