Throughout our nation’s history, strong unions have meant a strong middle class. But in the last fifty years, there has been a deliberate, sustained assault on workers’ rights, especially their right to join and be represented by unions. Over the years, that assault has resulted in the undermining of economic security for millions of workers and their families. The legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government have aligned with powerful business interests to weaken the ability of organized labor to protect workers’ rights and their opportunity to earn wages capable of supporting a family.

As a union member and supporter of workers, I understand America is stronger when there is balance in the workplace. I believe in the power of unions and employers working together out of mutual respect. When all voices are respectfully represented in the workplace, our country’s economic security can be restored, sustaining the middle class and providing others an opportunity to grow into the middle class.  

My Labor Priorities:

  • Achieve pay equity
  • Support prevailing wages
  • Enhance the dignity of work by restoration of rights and protections for workers in the workplace
  • Reverse policies that prohibit and/or obstruct union membership, including “Right to Work” laws
  • Pass the PRO Act to restore workers’ rights 
  • Work against anti-competitive corporate practices that weaken workers’ rights