In my decades in the State Legislature, I've always looked at infrastructure as a bipartisan issue. There aren't Republican roads or Democratic roads, just roads. They need maintenance and improvement, and the federal government needs to fund its fair share.

One of the great disappointments of this administration has been the lack of investment in rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure. The president missed a critical opportunity to begin new infrastructure projects with bipartisan support. The Highway Trust Fund needs adequate funding now—Arkansas has over 760 bridges that have been deemed “structurally deficient,” and our roads need over $500 per driver per year to stay functional.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that internet access should be a public utility. It’s an investment critical to public health and national defense. When schools and businesses closed, having dependable internet at home became key to academic and professional success. Let’s leave no stone unturned: create municipal wifi projects and build public broadband into rural areas.

Funding infrastructure isn't just about paving potholes or making it easier on your tires. Our roads connect towns big and small. Communities dependent on tourism need good roads to bring in business. Being able to hop in a car and explore—that's a fundamental part of being an Arkansan and an American. I want the government to ensure we have the ability to do that.

My Infrastructure Priorities:
  • Help our infrastructure pass safety standards with federal funding
  • Conduct asset audits in rural areas so policymakers and the people know what resources they have and how best they can grow. 
  • Invest in rural broadband as the future moves more and more online
  • Empower and incentivize utilities to build out broadband