This campaign is about addition, not subtraction. So is my healthcare policy. “First, do no harm.” There isn’t a family in Arkansas or in America that can afford to go without healthcare coverage. The challenge is how do we get there?

We can’t go backward or pursue policies that would disrupt the hard fought-progress we’ve already achieved. Let’s explore every smart policy we can to bring more people in: further expanding Medicaid, incentivizing employers to make it easier to cover their employees, lowering the age of Medicare, stopping prescription drug price gouging, and pursuing a public option where insurance isn't connected to employment.

We’re in a pandemic. Washington politicians made this all worse by looking out for themselves instead of looking out for the people. They literally threw out the pandemic response playbook, delaying and denying along the way. Public service is the answer to this public health crisis. 

There’s no reason for everyday Arkansans to pay the human and economic cost of this catastrophe. The People’s House took a good first step and made COVID-19 testing free. We need to go further to provide healthcare to those who've tested positive. Increase access to quality mental health care for a time where it seems everyone's baseline level of stress has gone up. We can’t let COVID-19 bankrupt people. It’s already done too much. 

My Healthcare Priorities:
  • Strengthen and Secure the Affordable Care Act
  • Expand Affordable Care Act enrollment options during periods of mass-unemployment
  • Stand up to prescription drug price-gouging through, including increased oversight for pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) 
  • Make Washington work for small states in securing COVID-19 relief, resources, and funding
  • Help Medicaid Expansion do more for rural hospitals and the uninsured
  • Protect Social Security and Medicare so seniors don't lose affordable coverage