Environment & Energy
Environment & Energy

COVID-19 has reminded me how much I cherish Arkansas’s natural beauty. Not being able to go to some parks, trails, and campgrounds because of social distancing is unfortunate. It’d be much worse if we couldn’t go back at all because we didn’t protect our environment. I’m committed to energy solutions that can power our lives while also protecting the environment that enriches our lives.

In my decades as a public servant, I’ve never insisted on a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s how I view balancing our environmental protections with our energy needs. There’s no one kind of energy that will work for us all the way. A progressive, practical solution is to use a combination of energy sources: wind and solar, but also nuclear and natural gas.

It’s a unique pleasure to take a day off and walk in Cadron Settlement Park or go hike up Flatside Pinnacle. We need clean water and a protected environment to do that. In Congress, I will fight to bring home renewable energy projects and energy innovation funding so we can pass on our love of nature, hunting, and fishing to the next generation. 

My Environmental Priorities:
  • Push for green tech and green jobs funding for Arkansas
  • Stop turning a blind eye to bad-faith polluters that break the rules
  • Maintain public parks so we can enjoy our state’s beauty
  • Work with energy innovators to bring the future of sustainable resources to Arkansas