Right now, Arkansas farmers are fighting an uphill battle in an environment that discourages competition. Farms of every size struggle in a market that drives down the price of crops and leaves many without options. I’m committed to supporting this vital industry in Congress.

Additionally, instability with foreign trade policy jeopardizes key markets for crop exports that total over $130 billion in our economy. The current administration has proven it is not up to the task of fighting for beneficial trade relationships for our farmers. We need strong leaders in Congress who know how to navigate complex relationships with other nations while protecting interests at home.

Across the nation, farm incomes have been stagnant for the past 30 years. In 2018, the majority of farmers lost money on the year. It’s time for our leaders to step up and act with thoughtful policies that ensure our farmers can continue to provide essential food and resources for the country.

In Congress, I will fight to provide farmers with options for purchasing key supplies and selling their crops. Huge monopolies and megaproducers shouldn’t have complete control over prices that farmers rely on to stay afloat. I will work to safeguard agricultural interests at home and abroad so that we can preserve and grow this vital part of our economy and our nation.

My Agriculture Priorities:
  • Fight to expand farmers’ options for buying supplies and selling crops
  • Encourage renewed competitive practices in agricultural markets
  • Guard against predatory tactics from seed monopolies and other bad-faith actors
  • Ensure stable and sustainable crop export markets 
  • Provide increased protections for farmers from extreme weather and natural disasters 
  • Push for increased funding for innovative agriculture technology 
  • Fund scholarships for students interested in agriculture to attend post-secondary education programs that set them up for careers in the field